Football Game Review

The object of the Football Game, which is aimed at 5-11 year olds, is to score the first goal to win the game. The game comprises of 4 game boards, 4 football counters, 4 character stands, 1 whistle spinner, 1 goal spinner and 1 dice.  
To start with each player chooses a game board and a matching football counter which is placed on the football at the bottom of their board.   The first player begins by rolling the dice and moving their football the same number of spaces on their board. If the football lands on one of their own team then they can move their football up to the space shown by the coloured arrow. If it lands on the oppositions team (the ones wearing the white shirts) then they have to move their football counter down to the space indicated by the white arrow.  The winner is the first player to score a goal.
The concept is a bit like that old favourite, Snakes and Ladders, with the football passing backwards and forwards down the game board so it was quite easy for my children to grasp how to play. 
The educational objectives include; encourages observation, interaction and turn taking, develops instruction following and counting skills and links with the National Curriculum Maths Key Stage 1.
All the pieces of the game are fun and brightly coloured – I think that is definitely one of the things that attracts my children to Orchard Toy games – they love the illustrations on them and the cardboard pieces are great quality that won’t fall to bits after a few games.
The Football Game from Orchard Toys will be available to buy at Toys R Us very soon. We will keep you posted!
Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M

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