Foooz Pro Match Set 2 Review

My son loves playing football so was very keen on this toy. If you haven’t got room for a football table then this is space saving alternative. It will be available soon on the website.

The game has 3 different options. The first is to simply play against a friend and try to score the most goals. My son was pretty good at this one:

The flicking action is very simple to manage and can be adjusted for left or right handed players. We tried playing both inside and outside the house to see how it went. It was fun on both grass and the rug.

The second game was to use the cards to select a trick to try:

Some of these skills take a lot of practice but my son enjoyed trying to score points through the special card:

He got quite good at just hitting the cards that can be hung from the top of the net too:

This game has a lot of variety of uses to stop a child getting bored. The fact that the more you play the better you get. I think we will get hours of fun out of it.

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