Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray (Giraffe) Review By Heather

This review is part of the Babyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers test baby products and toys with their little ones for useful insight by parents, for parents.

Our first impressions of the product packaging were excellent – the box is on-brand, brightly coloured/very vivid and includes representative product imagery. It would certainly stand out amongst its competitors and appeal to us on the shelf in-store. The packaging outlines all of the key product features/benefits clearly (including the maximum recommended weight of the child) to enable consumers to make an informed decision about purchase.

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Upon opening the box I was pleasantly surprised to find that the product was so well packaged – there was no unnecessary packaging or wasted space within the box, and the product had been carefully packed to ensure it would arrive in pristine condition. The product does require assembly – the box contains all of the component parts required to assemble the product as well as a comprehensive instruction booklet. The instructions themselves are very clear and easy to follow with accompanying diagrams to ensure that it is easy and quick to assemble (it took us 5 minutes to do so).

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Once the product is assembled the first thing that strikes you is the bright and engaging giraffe character that is the key feature of the soft padded seat – overall the appearance is friendly, inviting and generates curiosity, the giraffe was certainly a big hit in our house! There are two fabric loops at the front of the giraffe to enable the two linkable activity toys (which are included with the product) to be attached – the toys themselves are bright and colourful, and certainly attract the child’s attention. One features textured plastic discs which can be manipulated and moved around, the other is a lion with a spinning face which rattles, for a fun and rewarding play experience. I especially like the fact that they are detachable, as they are therefore not only easy to wipe clean – but can also be attached to car seats, buggies etc. for added play value. Similarly the loops used to fasten them to the product can also be used to enable other toys etc. to be linked/clipped on to the product in order to vary the play experience. The loops are also invaluable as they ensure that the toys are within view/reach of the child so they are easily accessible and do not end up getting dropped or falling on to the floor

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The kick n’ squeak snail and butterfly that are incorporated within the mat where the child’s feet rest are visually appealing and friendly characters, but crucially help the child to understand cause and effect and encourage active play and movement, rewarding the child with squeaking sounds in response to the child kicking their legs. Reuben loves anything that squeaks – so this feature was a big hit with him!

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The product is very well suited to our needs – it is very versatile being able to be used for play or for snack time. The wide, sturdy base ensures that the floor seat is a secure and stable environment for the child to spend time in and is suitable for everyday use/is easily integrated into daily routine. It has been thoughtfully designed to feature a padded seat with soft leg openings (as well as being comfortable for the child it is also straightforward to place them within the product).

The product is very easy to care for/keep clean (and comprehensive cleaning instructions are given in the product information guide contained within the box). The fact that the padded seat is machine washable (on a cool setting) is a real plus – as is the fact that the snack tray is dishwasher safe (on the top shelf, or on the bottom shelf without the use of the drying cycle). However, for the majority of the time a light antibacterial cleaner spray (that I would typically use on a high-chair tray) works really well. We also love the fact that the product folds up easily and is very compact which saves a great deal of space/makes the product very easy to store when it is not in use (even with the snack tray attached) this is an excellent design feature!

Overall – we love the Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray and feel that it is an excellent product; it is very versatile being able to be used for play-time or snack time. The bight, engaging colours and stimulating toys create a safe and entertaining play space. I would highly recommend this product for younger babies who are keen to sit up, explore and interact with the world and those around them, yet need additional support to do so.

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