Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Dance and Play Puppy Review

Review by Chloe Witters

Arlo has not shown much interest in any of the talking animal toys we’ve been sent to review as part of the Toyologist program. I made the mistake of assuming that it would be the same story with the Dance and Play Puppy. But I was wrong, Arlo loves it.toysrus30

I can’t tell why Arlo likes this dog more than the other talking toys, but my guess is because the Dance and Play Puppy has more features than your average talking animal toy. His ears move up and down, he dances, and has quite a large number of noises and songs to keep your child entertained (over 25 songs and phrases altogether).

The age range for the Dance and Play Puppy is 9 months +. I’d say that Arlo is perhaps a little old for the toy (he already knows most of the skills it aims to teach – clapping, counting, up and down, etc), but this hasn’t stopped his enjoyment of the toy. The one feature that is aimed at Arlo’s skill-level is the alphabet song, he doesn’t yet know the alphabet so this could come in useful for helping him remember. toysrus29

Arlo can easily ‘activate’ the puppy himself by pressing either foot. One foot is the ‘ABC Mode’ and the other foot is the ‘Let’s Play Mode’, featuring songs and dancing. The puppy stands up on its own and is robust enough that I’m not worried about it not withstanding Arlo’s boisterous play.

This is not a toy that I would think to buy Arlo at the age of two, and I don’t think there is much educational value for him at this age, but he has shown a surprising attachment to the Dance and Play Puppy and it definitely keeps him entertained. I think the perfect age range for this toy is 9 months to 18 months.

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Dance and Play puppy is available at Toys R Us, priced £39.99.

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