Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Let’s get crafty this Father’s Day

Homemade gifts are always a special present. Why not dust off the craft box and try out some of our favourite homemade father’s day gifts? There’s plenty on offer, from hand-crafted cards to personalised paperweights, DIY presents can be as simple or as decorative as you and your child want them to be. We think crafts are a great way to have fun at home, let your imaginative side run wild and let the artistic play begin.

Leave an impression with handprint art

This is a great one for toddlers but older children can join in the fun with more elaborate handprint pictures too. A handprint is a preserved snippet of childhood, which is why we love it for father’s day crafts as it’ll always be a throwback to the day it was made.

Handprint art

Photo Credit: Joseph Francis from Flickr

What you’ll need:

• Good quality paper or card
• Groovy selection of paint (we recommend the rainbow paint set)
• Felt tip pen
• Paper or plastic plates
• Lots of old newspaper or a wipe-clean surface

Getting started:

1. Spread the newspaper so it covers the workspace
2. Distribute coloured paints on to plates
3. Help your kids dip their hands into the paint and place them on the card
4. Rinse and repeat
5. Use the felt tip to sign your child’s name, age and add a personalised Father’s Day message

Making handprint art

Photo Credit: felicito rustique, jr. from Flickr

Top tip: Glue on googly eyes, feathers or glitter and turn a handprint into an exotic animal or a creepy monster.

Paint a rocking paperweight

This is an awesome Father’s Day idea which is both personalised and practical. Dad can take his new paperweight to the office or use it at home, it’s bound to brighten up his desk. Stone paperweights are really easy to make and are also great as they get kids outside rock hunting!


Photo Credit: Our Family World

What you’ll need:

• A good-sized rock (weighty but easy enough to lift with one hand)
• Acrylic paint set
• Paint brushes – the Universe of Imagination 20 Piece Brush Set offers loads of choice
• Newspaper or wipe clean surface

Getting started:

1. Wash the rock making sure all dirt is removed
2. Leave rock to air dry
3. Spread the newspaper so it covers the workspace
4. Paint the rock in a base colour and leave it to dry
5. Use a finer brush to add pictures or writing to the paperweight like a “Best Dad” message or a love heart

Top tip: Make a collection of painted rocks each showing a different word so the paperweights reveal a special message when put together.

Make a cool crafted coffee mug

Dad mug

Photo Credit: Good to Know

A personalised coffee mug is a really versatile gift and we think this is one of the best father’s day crafts for kids out there. We suggest full supervision for this one as it uses permanent pens and an oven. Make sure you hand-wash home-made mugs as dishwashers will fade the design. If your little one has fun making a personalised coffee mug then they are sure to enjoy Paint Your Own Mini Tea Set available at Toys R Us.

What you’ll need:

• White or light-coloured mug
• Selection of oil-based permanent marker pens
• A hot oven

Getting started:

1. Choose your colours: red, black and gold all look great on a white or grey background
2. Draw a design or write a message
3. Leave for a few hours or overnight so the pen can dry
4. Bake in an oven for 30 minutes at 150 °C (leave in the oven to cool down to avoid cracks)

Sharpie mug

Photo Credit: Popsugar

Top tip: Apply letters, numbers or different shaped stickers, colour round these then peel them away to reveal a striking stencilled design.

Homemade Father’s Day card ideas

Perhaps you and your little-one already have a funky gift lined up for Father’s Day. A hand-crafted card is a great accompaniment to any present and it gives a personal touch to Father’s Day. The possibilities for imaginative design are endless with this one and we urge you and your child to get as colourful and creative as you can!

Father's Day Cards

Photo Credit: Terry Madeley from Flickr

What you’ll need:

• Selection of A4 Coloured and/or textured card
• Ruler
• Safety scissors
• Pens, pencils, paints or crayons, the Universe of Imagination Wooden Art Case offers a huge selection

Getting started:

1. Use the ruler to determine the middle of your card, mark the centre lightly in pencil and fold
2. Using a different colour of card, cut out your choice of shapes
3. Glue pieces of coloured card on the front of your card to create a frame effect or a textured picture
4. Use your imagination and draw a picture, write a message or glue on a photograph

Father's Day cards from Hobbycraft

Photo Credit: Hobbycraft

Top tip: Adding an acrostic poem to the card encourages further creative skills and adds a meaningful message.

Get stuck in

We hope you and your kids have tons of fun with these crafty Father’s Day ideas, they are sure to make dad feel truly special this Father’s Day. Browse the extensive Toys R Us Creative Play range for a full list of our craft toys and supplies and unleash the inner artist in your little one.

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