Eiffel Tower Skyline 3D Puzzle Review

When I saw this puzzle in our first Toyologist box, I knew that Joshua (11) in particular was going to have a great time building this 3D replica of the Eiffel Tower from Ravensburger, available to purchase from Toys R Us for £14.99 at the moment, on sale from £19.99 and is recommended for ages 10 years +.

It took him three sittings to complete as he was fitting in building it between school and his football commitments, but he was completely engrossed in building the puzzle and quickly developed his own system for finding the numbers he needed next. As the puzzle is in three sections, he used the boxes to separate the pieces for each section and worked his way up. The puzzle pieces are numbered and also feature arrows which point in the direction of where the next puzzle piece should be fitted so that it’s not too tricky. The pieces are made of plastic, and are sturdy and robust, not made from cardboard or at all flimsy like one might expect from a puzzle.

My favourite thing about this puzzle is that it encouraged Joshua to do something besides play on his computer games, he even asked if there are more puzzles like this one and wanted to know if we would get him “Big Ben” for Christmas (which we will be). As he neared the end of ‘construction’ you could see the excitement on his face and how proud he was that he had built it by himself, he had a real sense of achievement and satisfaction and couldn’t wait to show everyone. He found it a bit fiddly as he reached the top and the puzzle narrowed but with a tiny little bit of help from the Mister, he managed to complete it.

I think that this is a great new spin (3D) on an old idea (puzzles) and it has provided Joshua with hours of enjoyment and no doubt will again & again in the future, it’s a definite winner in our house.

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