Dyson Rolla Ball Review

Reviewers: Mummy, Daddy, Rabbysnuggles and Joshua (18 months)

Dear Geoffrey

Thank you for sending me my firste Vacuum Cleaner.  We already have a Dyson but it is very lowd and I don’t like it when Daddy puts it on.  My Dyson is a bit quieter, which is beter.

Rabbysnuggles likes it but was a bit silly really as he got his hand stuck in it when he was climbing it.  Doodle the Dog and Geoffrey Giraffe pointed and laughed, but I helped him down.

Rabbysnuggles climbs up the Dyson

Rabbysnuggles climbs up the Dyson

Then yesterday I nearly sucked up Rabbysnuggles ear by mistake when he was laying down having a nap (he has more naps than Daddy even!).  Doodle the Dog said I did it deliberabatly but I promise I didn’t Geoffrey.

Lots of love

Joshua xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello all

We were interested to see how Joshua would react to the Dyson, after he took a dislike to the real Dyson vacuum we use almost daily.  We don’t know if it’s the noise but he spends a lot of time crying when it’s on.

Daddy Dyson and Baby Dyson

Daddy Dyson and Baby Dyson

The toy takes a C size battery (not included – booooo) which Mummy had never seen before. Unfortunately we had none in and Daddy had to make a quick shop run disrupting the excitement!!

Once installed, we watched with amusement as Joshua got to grips with the toy. He loves dragging the vacuum across the floor and turning the on and off switch.

The Dyson toy is neat; compact and light and replicates the real life model very well, but is not anywhere near as noisy, and Joshua seemed quite interested in it.

Joshua takes Dyson for a spin

Joshua takes Dyson for a spin

There are 2 on and off switches, one that makes the fake dust (cloured beads) whirl round, and another that turns the suction on.  They both make independent noises, that sound very Dyson like.  The Dyson ‘ball’ works and there is even some suction, and a chamber to collect whatever gets picked up –  which can be emptied.

We think it is great that he is starting to clean up after himself already (at 18 months), although the results aren’t as good as the real thing!

This toy is actually marketed at older children (3 to 8) however at 1.5 years Joshua certainly enjoys the toy but perhaps just doesn’t use it in the way it’s intended yet. We’re not sure why the manufacturer targets the older age group so would be interested to hear if it is a safety issue that we haven’t thought of.


Pros:  Child starts cleaning up after themselves

Cons: Can’t think of any

Describe yourself: First time parent, Working parent, Toyologist

Recommend to a friend : Yes

Recommended age range:  3-8

Batteries:  4 x ‘C’ required but not included

Un-prompted interest from Joshua: Good.

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