Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner Review

Arlo happens to be a little bit hoover obsessed. I have photos of him at 8 months old ‘vacuuming’ our carpet. This toy version of the Dyson Ball is almost exactly the same design as our actual vacuum, so it’s brilliant that he has his own miniature version of our hoover and he is very proud of ‘his’ hoover.

The little colourful balls spin around in the cylinder, which is a nice little effect and very exciting when you are a toddler. This toy hoover even has a suction function, and whilst I wouldn’t encourage that you all rush out and buy it in the hopes that your toddler will take over all vacuuming duties from here on in, (the suction is definitely more for show), but it should pick up enough dust in the little compartment to make your toddler feel like they are doing a proper job.

It’s light and very easy to steer. Ease of manoeuvrability is the biggest factor for a toy like this. I had visions of Arlo getting frustrated because he couldn’t steer it well, but he’s demonstrated that it’s very easy for a toddler to operate and as a result there has been 0% frustration so far.

The Dyson ball got a lot of attention when Arlo first saw it. Now we’ve had it for a month or so, it is largely ignored all week, and then suddenly he’ll decide he wants to play with it and will walk back and forth throughout the whole of our ground floor, hoovering for up to an hour (!!). So it’s been a bit confusing for me to work out just how attached he actually is to this toy – in one sense I think he could quite easily forget about it if he never saw it again, but on the occasions he does choose to use it we get some very good quality play out of it.

I think this would be a good toy for a toddler who delights in being a ‘little helper’, and would also work nicely for older children who like playing house. For me, it’s ease of use and maneuverability is its best factor, if you are looking for a toy vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Ball is a good choice.

 The Dyson Ball is available from Toys R Us, priced at £17.99

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