Dragon Chase Review

In our second Toyologist box we received a number of games, one of these was Dragon Chase.  The object of Dragon Chase is to escape the Dragon’s ice cave with two jewels.

What’s in the box?  In the box you get one game board, 4 x playing pieces, 8 jewels, one dice and of course, the dragon itself which needs 3 x AA batteries. (Batteries are not supplied)

The game was easy to put together and there is nothing that stands out as something that would get broken easily.  To play the game the first player has to place on of the jewels that matches their playing piece on top of their playing piece and rolls the dice. If it shoes a number, the player moves that number of spaces around the board – there are some instructions printed onto certain spaces which the player must follow before gameplay moves on to the next person. If anybody rolls the dice at gets the dragon picture then they have to press the button on the dragos tail. At this point the dragons head will start swooping in an attempt to knock jewels off the top of playing pieces and if that happens that player has to take it’s playing piece and jewel back to the start.  Dragon Chase is a game that is suitable for young children aged 3+. My son is 5 and loved it and I think younger children would grasp the concept easily.

First impressions were good, my son was particularly taken by the dragon and could quite happily of played with that all day rather than play the actual game but he does love a board game and did enjoy Dragon Chase. I recently read one of the other Toyologists reviews of this game and I agree that gameplay could be made a bit more interesting and fun if there were more opportunities for the dragon to swoop. There is only one dragon sticker on the dice which means more often than not you land on a number. As part of the excitement of the game is setting the dragon off I think it would be good if you could do a bit more often. Obviously if everybody throws the dice and gets a dragon picture each time then it’s not a problem, but the chances of that are slim!

Dragon-swooping aside, we enjoyed playing Dragon Chase and I’m sure it will get played with lots!

Dragon Chase is priced at £17.99 (currently on offer at £14.99) and available from Toys R Us.

Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M

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