Doggy Doo The Toilet Humour Game Review

I had to snigger when I saw this appropriately named game ‘Doggie Doo’in our Toyologist box. Whatever I may personally think about a game where triumph involves having the most dog poos on your scoop, I just knew this would be a hit with the children. I was right.

Inside the box, we found a plastic dog with a hand pump attached, four scoops, a ‘treat’ cutter, a bone and a tub of ‘doggie doo’, a cross between slime and plasticine.

Eager to get going, the children gathered round and we set to work offering the dog a treat. It is important to use the cutter for this as it needs to be a certain size, or poor doggie gets constipated. We proceeded to feed the dog, following the instructions to slowly push and twist the bone into the mouth. You do have to be careful at this point to make sure the red sealing rings don’t move from their ridges on the bone.

The concept of game play is easy. You take turns to roll the dice and squeeze the pump the number of times shown, or miss a turn or swap scoops as appropriate. Mini went first and was absolutely enthralled by the resulting sound when she pressed the pump. Here is a little video showing the process from feeding to pooping, obviously not with proper game play.


We all ended up giggling as we waited for the end product, which came after a few rolls of the dice. The winner is the person fortunate enough to scoop 3 doggie doos first. Because a game only takes about ten minutes, you can choose whether to play it as a quick family activity, or play further rounds if you have more time. My children, ranging from 3 to 11 were very keen to carry on, so we loaded the treats and continued play.

I always promise to blog with integrity, so I have to point out an unfortunate flaw I have encountered. Very often, the doggie doo wouldn’t travel through. There are instructions to load another treat the correct size if this happens, or to flush through with warm water, but unfortunately it happened more times than not, making play quite frustrating.

The concept of this game is inspired. Children love anything to do with toilet humour, and the accompanying sounds add to the enjoyment. I just feel that a few tweaks need to be made the design to ensure play is easy. Overall though, the giggles in lounge more than made up for the inconvenience caused by stuck doggie doo!

Doggie Doo can be purchased from Toys R Us retailing at £22.99

Review by Bizzy Mum aka Domestic Disgrace

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