Doggy Doo Review

The children had seen this advertised and were very keen to get it, so when it was sent they were very pleased.

The first time that we tried it out, we had the grandparents over and there was much laughing and giggling as the dog made some very strange sounds, whilst attempting to do his business.

The concept was disgusting, you feed the dog and then wait for it to poo, for young boys its perfect!

doggy doo

To begin with the game proceeded with no problems, although the dog itself is quite long, meaning the smaller children struggled to pump enough to get the gooey stuff through the body.

It provided much amusement for the entire afternoon, however when we came to play with it the following day, the yellow goo was VERY sticky and hard to mould into the food, when we put it into the dogs mouth and pushed the bone in, the little rubber circle that seals the bone snapped, which meant that there was too much air getting into the mouth part, so the goo couldn’t move through the dog, which vgirtually stopped play, so I would suggest that the manufacturer includes extra rubber circles to replace the broken ones.


A really amusing game that was let down by a malfunction, which virtually made it impossible to continue using the game.


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