Doggie Doo Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

When we first opened the box for Doggie Doo, I wondered who could possibly have thought of creating this game. And then I realised… it must have been a six- or eight-year-old boy! My two sons simply LOVE this game!


Before each round, you need to prepare some ‘food’ for the dog – a bright yellow gel that you cut into biscuit-sized pieces. Then, feed it to the dog, and put the bone back in his mouth it only has one way to go…! Each player then throws the dice, and squeezes the plunger on the dog’s lead the number of times the dice shows. Each squeeze moves the food down the dog, with the accompanying noises the boys just loved! By the way, if the dog doesn’t make these noises, the food is stuck (look in the instructions for how to clear it). The person whose go it is when the doggie doo eventually plops out wins it (lucky them!) and the winner is the first player with three doos on their pooper scoop.

I have to say, we parents found this game a little revolting at first, but the smiles and laughs from the boys made it all worth while. Definitely fun for all the family.

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