Doctor Who Gift Guide


The doctor’s back! Doctor Who fans across the world will be delighted at the launch of the brand new series, which began on Saturday 23rd of August on BBC One. We’ve put together a guide to the new series, the best toys Dr Who toys available at Toys R Us, as well as some fun facts about the long-running show.

We have a fantastic range of Doctor Who toys available to buy at Toys R Us, perfect as a gift for the Whovian in your life. Here’s our guide to the best.

Dr Who Figuresdoctor-who-figure-image

We’ve got a great range of Doctor Who figures, no matter who your favourite Time Lord is. Do you miss Matt Smith already? Then go for this figure of the eleventh doctor. At 3.75-inches high, he is poseable so you can re-enact your favourite scenes from the last series.

If you prefer the old school doctors, then we’ve also got action figures of the sixth doctor, played by Colin Baker, and the second doctor, Patrick Troughton. Both figures are highly detailed, wearing each doctors’ trademarks outfits, and they come accompanied by a Dalek! These Doctor Who figures come packaged in a box with window, making them ideal for collectors or as toys.

We also have a selection of other favourite characters, including the doctor’s companion Clara Oswald. Played by Jenna Coleman, she’ll be accompanying the new doctor on his adventures. Clara comes with her own display base, so she can take pride of place on the shelf with the rest of your collection.

Doctor Who Games

You can find a range of exciting games online at Toys R Us. The Dr Who Timewars board game offers fun for all the family, as you race through time and space, battling the doctor’s enemies. Chess buffs will love the Lenticular Animated Chess Set. It features all your favourite characters from the series, including The Cybermen and Daleks, and each piece moves as you play!

Doctor Who Role Play

Little ones and big kids alike will love to dress up as their favourite doctor with our range of Doctor Who Role Play toys. The sonic screwdriver is one of the doctor’s key tools, allowing him to pick locks, track alien life and much more. Our 50th anniversary sonic screwdriver comes with realistic lights and sounds for endless hours of fun.

Another must have for any Dr Who fan is the Nano Recorder. A replica of the nano recorder used by the doctor in the fight against the Silence in series six, it features lights, sound effects and ten seconds of voice recording to record secret messages.

Doctor Who Play Setsdoctor-who-tardis-image

Play sets make great gifts, and we have some exciting options for Dr Who fans of all ages. Battle the Doctor with the Character Building Dalek Factory, which includes one Dalek Drone and one Dalek Scientist action figure.

Or you can travel to another time and dimension with your very own Spin and Fly Tardis. The tardis is perfectly sized to fit in with our 3.75 inch Doctor Who action figures, and it sounds just like the real tardis on taking off and landing.

Doctor Who Facts

Now you’ve ordered your Dr Who toys, here are some fun facts to whet your appetite before the start of the new series.

  1. Although the Doctor has travelled across time and space, his home is a planet called Gallifrey.
  2. There’s an asteroid inspired by the series! Discovered in 1984, Asteroid 3325 is named TARDIS after the Doctor’s space and time machine.
  3. Matt Smith holds the record for the youngest Doctor. He was 26 when he took on the role.
  4. And at 55 years old, Peter Capaldi will be the oldest Doctor, joint with the very first Doctor, William Hartnell.
  5. The Oxford English Dictionary includes entries for both “TARDIS” and “Dalek”, thanks to the enduring popularity of the programme.
  6. Doctor Who is listed in the Guinness World Records as the “longest running science fiction television show in the world”. It’s also the “world’s most successful science fiction series”, based on broadcast ratings and sales.
  7. When she was appointed as producer of Doctor Who in 1963, Verity Lambert was not only the youngest producer, but also the first ever female producer at the BBC.
  8. Doctor Who’s spin-off series Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who. The pseudonym was thought up to protect the show’s storyline when it was revived in 2005.
  9. The Doctor is actually a doctor! In the 1967 episode “The Moonbase”, the second doctor revealed that studied medicine at the University of Glasgow in 1888.
  10. The record for the longest serving Doctor is held by Tom Baker, who played the character in its fourth incarnation. He featured in episodes between 1974 and 1981. How long will Peter Capaldi grace our screens as the Time Lord? Only time can tell!

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