Doc McStuffins Toys

If you’re the parent of young children, you’re probably familiar with Doc McStuffins. It’s the hit TV show featuring a young girl with a dream of becoming a doctor that’s captured the imaginations of kids everywhere. Dottie “Doc” McStuffins plays at being a doctor, but when she puts on her stethoscope, her toys magically come to life and she’s able to communicate with them!

We have a great selection of Doc McStuffins toys and games, featuring Dottie herself along with her animal friends Stuffy the Dragon, Hallie the Hippo, Lambie the Lamb and Chilly the Snowman. Take a look at our list of favourite toys to find out how you can bring their world of adventures into your home.

Doc McStuffins Learning Toysguitar

Your little one can learn as they play with our choice of learning toys and creative games featuring Doc and friends. Some of our favourites include:

LeapFrog Explorer Doc McStuffins Software

This fun game from LeapFrog, compatible with LeapPad tablets, will help improve your child’s logic and reasoning whilst they learn about health and hygiene and complete a range of visual puzzles, develop their observation skills and make diagnoses for each of their animal patients.

Doc McStuffins Electric Guitar

This electric guitar featuring Doc McStuffins and Lambie the Lamb is perfect for budding musicians. IT comes loaded with eight rhythms and different accompaniments for hours of musical fun, as well as a choice of lights and sound distortion to help your child feel like a rock star.

Doc McStuffins Travel Art Easel

Creative kids will love this art easel, which comes with a choice of essential art equipment including crayons, chalks, colouring sheets and markers. Simply fold it up for easy portability and enjoy hours of on-the-go fun.Doc McStuffins Travel Art Easel

Doc McStuffins Aquadoodle

This cute Aquadoodle mat is perfect for hours of arty fun. Simply fill the cute Lambie pen with water, and your child can draw on the play mat to their heart’s content.

Doc McStuffins Dress up & Role Play Toys

Your child can let their imagination run wild with our fantastic selection of Doc McStuffins dress up and role play toys. We’ve picked out some of our favourites for you and your family below.

Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Set

With this cute doctor’s set, your little one can give check-ups to all of her toys. It comes with 8 glittery doctor’s essentials, including the bag, thermometer, syringe, blood pressure cuff, otoscope, bandage cuff, sticker sheet and Doc’s magical light-up stethoscope.Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Set

Doc McStuffins Check Up Centre

This brightly coloured check-up centre comes with everything your child needs for hours of role play fun. Ideal for kids aged 3 and over, it includes a Lambie figure, electronic talking Book of Boo Boos, light-up X-Ray cards and plenty of medical equipment.

Doc McStuffins Dress Up Set

With this role play set, your little one can dress up just like their favourite doctor. It comes with Doc’s signature white lab coat, doctor’s name badge, sparkly pink hair band and the magical stethoscope.

Doc McStuffins Talking Doc Mobile

With the Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile, your little one will have everything they need to provide on-the-go care. The colourful cart comes with a motion-activated siren that lights up and plays the Doc Mobile song, as well as a working ladder, CB radio and all the essential medical equipment.

Doc McStuffins GamesDoc McStuffins Operation

The whole family can enjoy our range of Doc McStuffins games. Discover a new twist to classic games, including Operation, thanks to Doc and friends.

Doc McStuffins Play-Doh

This Play-Doh set is perfect for creative kids who want to help their toys feel better. It comes with easy-to-use tools so they can stamp out shapes of Stuffy and Lambie, as well as a great stethoscope mould and three brightly coloured tubs of Play-Doh.

Ravensburger 4 in a Box Puzzle

Doc McStuffins fans will love this set of four colourful puzzles featuring Dottie and her animal friends. Within the set you can choose from 12, 16, 20 and 24 piece jigsaws, making it ideal for a range of abilities, and each comes with plenty of details and visual clues to keep your child occupied.

Doc McStuffins Operation

In this exciting game, it’s your child’s turn to play doctor, as Doc McStuffins isn’t feeling well and it’s up to them to operate! They’ll have hours of fun as they try to fix her ailments without setting off the buzzer – and remember, the player who uses the most bandages is the winner.

Doc McStuffins Soft Toys & Dolls

The Doc McStuffins cast are so cute, they make the perfect soft toys. Any fan will love our selection of dolls and toys featuring Lambie, Hallie and of course, Dottie herself.

Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check-Up Doll

This realistic Doc McStuffins doll comes with a 20cm Lambie doll – and both can talk! By pressing Doc’s hand, she’ll sing the entire Check-Up song, and you’ll hear Lambie’s heartbeat when you press the stethoscope to her chest. This amazing set even comes with a doctor’s bag and accessories, so Doc is well-equipped to treat all her animal friends.

Doc McStuffins Hallie DollDoc McStuffins Soft Toy Gift Set

Hallie the Hippo is a caring nurse in an adorable candy-striped outfit. This cute and cuddly Hallie soft toy will make the perfect companion for any fan of the show, whether at bedtime or for daytime play.

Doc McStuffins Soft Toy Gift Set

Exclusive to Toys R Us, this soft toy set would make the perfect gift for any fan of the TV show. Discover adorable 8” dolls of Dottie, Stuffy and Lambie, ideal for children of all ages.

Doc McStuffins Accessories

Discover a delightful range of Doc McStuffins accessories at Toys R Us, so your little one can enjoy hours of Doc McStuffins fun, whether they’re in their bedroom or on the go.

Doc McStuffins Room Décor Kit

This set contains 59 stickers, allowing your child to decorate their walls, doors or furniture as they please. They’re easy to apply and just as easy to remove, so there’s no need to worry about damage to surfaces.

Doc McStuffins Backpack

This cute and colourful backpack is ideal for taking to school, on holiday or for days out. IT features a cool 3D design of Dottie, Lambie, Stuffy and Hallie, and has one large zip pocket for storing all their essentials, as well as adjustable shoulder straps for comfort.

Doc McStuffins Cosy Chair

Featuring a bright Doc McStuffins design, this comfortable chair is ideal for using at home or away, as the inner section is easy to inflate and deflate. It also comes with a soft fabric cover which is machine washable, making it easy to keep clean.


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