Disney Cinderella Transforming Carriage Review

At £49.99 I was wondering what marvellous things the Cinderella Transforming Carriage would do to justify the price, especially as it does not come with any Cinderella’s or a Prince, which is an extra at £24.99.

As the story goes, Cinderella’s carriage starts life as a humble pumpkin to transform in to a full functioning, blinged up carriage to whisk her away to the ball. Complete with white horse, of course.

Ta daaaa!!!

True to the story, this carriage can start life as a pumpkin, which requires pulling pumpkin-esque material over the carriage and flattening the carriage wheels to form vines. To transform this in to the carriage there are some handy cords to pull at the front which whips away the pumpkin material and stores it handily in the top of the carriage, leaving a little bit for decoration and it’s a nice  ‘TA DA!’ moment.

…except only Cinders can get a ride in the carriage (and that’s with shoving her in at an angle – Prince Charming can get one leg in only!)

However, there are a few downsides to the carriage and horse. The hoops at the end of the cord, which are meant to attach to the horses bridle (I think that is what it’s called, I’m not a horsey kind of girl!) do not sit on properly, as the rubber on the horse isn’t deep enough to make the hoops sit properly so the horse would eventually ditch the carriage and ride off in to the sunset.  Lastly, because the wheels double up as vines and have to be collapsable to fulfil this purpose means that they are the sturdiest and the carriage has fallen over a few times.

Scarlett isn’t a Disney-Princess-‘Til-I-Die kind of girl so this wouldn’t be a present she would have asked for normally anyway. She has enjoyed playing with it but the novelty of the TA DA! moment has already worn off and I would have been disappointed to have spent such a large amount of money on a toy that is essentially a one trick pony (no pun intended). Would probably be a massive hit with girls that are in to the whole Disney Princess world though however.

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