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Rawrrr! It’s dinosaur toys time. Join Toys R Us on a Jurassic-fantastic tour through the wonderful world of dinosaurs. We’ve got a dinosaur toy for everyone, from the cute and cuddly to the downright terrifying. Get ready for the roar, as we take a look at the best dinosaur toys for your very own little monsters.

Dinosaur figures

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Top dinosaur toys and figures

Friendly dinosaur toys

Not every dinosaur is ready to attack, some of them would really rather be friends. Toys R Us has a whole range of friendly dino-excitement to enjoy.

Illuminate the night sky with a dinosaur adventure, using the Pillow Pet Dream Lite – Green Dinosaur for ages 3-6. It’s a shining companion for your little one at night.

And if companions are what you’re after, The Good Dinosaur Ultimate Arlo and Spot toy, for ages 3-10, is the perfect solution. . The Good Dinosaur’s marvellous animated adventure showed us that having a friend by your side is the greatest quest of all. And with these friendly dinosaur toys from Toys R Us, there will always be someone to play with.

Dinosaur soft toys

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Fearsome dinosaur toys

Some dinosaurs are more tooth and claw than fun and friendly, and certainly the fantastic Scleich dinosaur range, for ages 5-10, adds a little more authenticity to your kids’ dinosaur adventures. These beautifully rendered dinosaur figures realistically recreate the terrible lizards that once roamed the earth. Be sure and lock them up tight at night, so you don’t find the beasts stalking the darkness without warning.

Dinosaur toy in grass

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Practical dino toys

Dive into a world of adventure, with fun dinosaur games like the Dotty Dinosaurs Game for ages 3-6. It’s a great way to ensure they don’t go Tyrannosaurus before teatime, and the perfect dinosaur toy for toddlers. Or maybe they’d prefer the fun and interactive Melissa & Doug Wooden Dinosaur Set for ages 4-6, a fantastic way to add a little creativity to their Jurassic adventure.

Of course if the dinosaurs are taking over, you might need somewhere to tuck them away. What better place to keep the rampaging beasts safe than with a LittleLife Dinosaur Toddler Daysack? It’s perfect for all ages, from 12 months-5 years. It’s got padded shoulder straps, a sturdy zip and a removable day rein, allowing you to keep your own little dinosaur on a short leash as required.

Playing with dinosaur toy

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Dinosaur toys for explorers

Dinosaurs, like kids, are keen explorers, so what better way for them to enjoy it than together? The Scootaheads Green Dinosaur, for ages 3-10, offers a Jurassic-fantastic addition to any scooter. Just slot the dino-tastic head over the handle bars to add a great slice of dinosaur bling to a wheely good adventure.

Of course if you want to go that extra mile and make sure your kids are recognised for the terrifying adventurers they are, you could always fit them with their own dinosaur addition. The Jurassic World Chomping Dinosaur Head is a whole mouthful of fun for your little explorers. Just fit it over a hand and get ready to terrorise.

Playing with dinosaur figures

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Robot dinosaur toys

As if dinosaurs weren’t trouble enough, the invasion of robot dinosaur toys has begun! Get ready for the robotic revolution, with the Teksta T-Rex in black or red for ages 5-14. This bone crunching dino-robot responds to voice, light and sound, making sure your dinosaur experience is truly interactive.

This amazing digital toy even responds to hand gestures, which is probably more than the kids do at times. Stroke him to hear him roar and snap or feed him his mighty dinosaur bone to hear what a satisfied and fully fed dinosaur sounds like.

Walking with dinosaurs

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There’s a whole range of dino-excitement out there for you and your kids enjoy. So take the first step to your great dinosaur adventure with the huge range of dinosaur toys online at Toys R Us.

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