Dino Bite Review

Dino Bite is a game with a story. The Dino Babies are in danger from the rampaging T-Rex – can you save them all before the Dino BITES?! Unlikely!

What’s in the box? You get twenty dino eggs (five of each colour – blue, red, yellow, green), 1 T-Rex, 1 nest base, 1 pair of tweezers, 1 dice.

Once you’ve set up the game , which is nothing more than fixing the dinosaur to the base (I found this tricky!) and popping the batteries in (you need 2 x A as they are not supplied) and eggs under the leaf, you’re good to go.  The first player rolls the dice and the colour shown on the dice is the colour of the egg that they must try and rescue from the nest. The player then uses the tweezers, lifts the leaf up – carefully, and tries to retrieve the egg from the next. If the T-Rex doesn’t move or make a sound and the player manages to get an egg, they keep the egg and play moves on to the next player. If anyone rolls the dice and gets the side which has all the colours on they can choose any egg to rescue. If they get the cross, the player misses a turn.  The game carries on until there is only one person left who hasn’t got caught by the Dino.

This was another game that my son was won over on sight, he loves dinosaurs and couldn’t wait to start playing. Both my children love a game where there is an element of risk and an opportunity to scream and this had both. If you get caught the dinosaur roars and lunges to scare you away. The children weren’t really scared but they liked to pretend they were and my eardrums are still recovering.  Sometimes they found the tweezers a bit fiddly and reverted to their fingers but on the whole they got a lot of enjoyment of the game. It’s suitable for all ages as there are not tricky rules to follow although smaller children might find the dinosaur a little bit scary!

Would I buy this game for my children? Yes, I think I probably would. They loves the dinosaur theming and the surprise element. It may not be played with all the time or even for long periods of time but for those days when it’s cold and rainy outside, it would be a good game to pull out of the cupboard to cheer everyone up!

Dino Bite is priced at £19.99 (currently on offer at £14.99) and available from Toys R Us.

Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M


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