Deluxe Charm Bracelet Review

We were sent this Deluxe Charms set as part of the Toys R Us Toylogist. All three girls love making things and also wearing jewellery, so were very keen to get started. On opening the box and reading the instructions, it was evident that the kit was far too difficult for Eowyn, so the age range of 8+ is most definitely correct. The kit contains 7 blocks of different coloured Polymer Clay, which the girls have now got on their Christmas Lists, as they thoroughly enjoyed making the bracelets, but also using the clay to make various little models. The beads for the bracelets are fairly simple to make, by rolling a ball of clay, you then use the tool provided and attach two of the studs on either end and push them through, until they meet in the middle, you then scrape away any excess clay and you have made your first bead. The instruction booklet tells you how to make various types of beads, by rolling different colours together, creating a marble effect, adding glitter or sparkly bits. When the beads are ready they can be placed in the oven for 30 minutes until they have hardened. When cool, they can be threaded onto the bracelet, and then placed in a little velvet pouch which is supplied and you have your very own, personalised charm bracelet.

This is the girls first attempt, they enjoyed the process immensely and were keen to make more, although this set only comes with two bracelets, so once you have made the two, you would need to find something else to attach your beads to. The entire kit has a RRP of £19.99 which I feel is quite good value for money as Polymer Clay itself is extremely expensive. In terms of play value, this kept the girls interest for quite a long time and got them making all sorts of little figures, once they had made the bracelets, therefore I would say this is definitely a kit you should consider if you have girls who are creative and enjoy making things, and I would agree with the age range of 8+

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