We were very excited here at Toys R Us when everyone’s favourite Tube Hero, DanTDM, came to visit us in store – and so were hundreds of his fans, as you can see from this brilliant video!

The hugely popular YouTuber came to visit fans in our Oldbury store. We had 400 tickets to give away to fans of TheDiamondMinecart, which were in high demand as they all sold out in a matter of hours! His followers came from all over the UK to meet their hero in person – and even from as far afield as Paris and India!

Minecraft has been one of the most popular video games of recent years, with over 70 million copies sold between 2009, when it was created, and June 2015. DanTDM has been exploring the exciting world of Minecraft through his website, The Diamond Minecart, and his popular YouTube channel, since 2012, where he’s amassed an incredible 8 million subscribers! Such is his popularity that he’s even got his own DanTDM toy.

Take a look at some of the photos from our DanTDM event below. Were you there – can you spot yourself in any of our snaps or the video?

Fans waiting to see DanTDM


Ticket to see DanTDM


DanTDM with fans


DanTDM signing fans' books


DanTDM posing for photos with fans


DanTDM taking selfies with fans

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