Cloud Babies Talking Cloud Baby Review

I’m always tempted to buy these character toys when I see them, as I love the thought of seeing Arlo’s face as he recognises a character from one of his well-loved TV shows. However, I have to say that the character dolls that we have tried have ended up being the least played-with toys in Arlo’s collection. Yes, he is instantly drawn to them and there is some initial excitement, but after a day or so he will rarely pick them up to play with.

I think it’s because they don’t have enough functions to occupy Arlo for long. They say a few phrases, but there’s no challenge, and so he quickly loses interest. Unfortunately, the talking cloud baby is no exception, and I have to say that he’s not really interested in it at all now, despite knowing the TV show very well.

We received the Baba Blue Talking Cloud Baby. The toy itself seems well-made. The head is plastic and the body soft. It’s a good size, not as large as some of the character toys I’ve seen, but I think it’s the perfect size for a toddler. The phrases are easy to set off with a little squeeze to the body – Arlo can do this himself, which is something he has struggled with on other ‘squeeze to hear the noise’ toys.

I actually really like the design of this doll, it has a sweet face and it’s nice and colourful without being garish – but the deciding vote goes to Arlo, and as he has shown so little interest in it, I can’t say that I would recommend this toy. Available to buy at Toys R Us, priced £17.99

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