Cloud Babies Talking Baba Yellow Review

Baba Yellow is one of the characters in the CBeebies hit television show Cloud Babies.  She (and for that matter all the main characters) have been released as colourful, friendly, talking dolls.

As Cloud Babies is a show Elwood enjoyed watching, we were excited to review Baba Yellow when Toys R Us sent us a doll as part of the Toyology programme.

Every Cloud Baby has a silver lining

The doll has a plastic face and a fabric body which is soft.  It isn’t too heavy and can stand being knocked around.

The seven phrases Baba Yellow says are very much in keeping with the character on the television show.  However, if you had bought the doll not knowing it was part of a television programme you might wonder what a Fluteytoot is.

The doll is very cute.  If your child loves the show, of course, they would be drawn to the doll.

As far as my son is concerned, his interactions with it were typical of any doll or soft toy he has been given.  He’ll play with it for a while but doesn’t tend to go back to it regularly.  But that’s just him.  He’s into vehicles.

If I was to compare this to other dolls we have reviewed, I would say that it would benefit from accessories.  The Fluteytoot or the bag she wears on the show would be obvious things that could enhance the toy.

Overall though, it is a nice little doll and would make a fine addition to a Cloud Babies fan’s toy box.

Baba Yellow is available from Toys R Us

Review by James Spence

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