Chuggington Steams Review

Reviewers: Mummy, Daddy, Rabbysnuggles and Joshua (18 months)

Dear Geoffrey

Thank you very much for the Chuggington Over and Under Starter Set.  I have two tranes now and I like to push them on the carpet.  I am intrestd in pushing the tranes through the tower and down the hill on the other side, and then Daddy passes them through the tower to me.   When I am finished with playing trains I lifte the track up in the air and it falls apart in pieces.  Daddy then puts it together again.

Joshua and his Chuggington train set

Joshua and his Chuggington train set

Doodle the Dog likes trains but Rabbysnuggles prefers carrots. Rabbysnuggles is always eating carrots Geoffrey.

Rabbysnuggles and friends check out Chuggington

Rabbysnuggles and friends check out Chuggington

After playing with Chugginton I decided to help Mummy by re-arranging the fridge.  I really liked re-arranging the fridge and I moved some things to the bin.  I like the bin, I press the button and the lid goes up.

Lots of love

Joshua  xxxxx

Hi all

We didn’t know much about Chuggington before we opened Chuggington Over and Under Starter Set . After spending half an hour researching, Daddy thinks Chuggington is giving Thomas a run for his money!  Check out the theme song.

Chuggington consists of a wooden train track, plastic tower,  two trains (Wilson and Koko) and the speaker tower (Vee).  The trains are very colourful and fairly solid to hold for little hands.  The track, which is made of wood, has what we think is meant to be a fake ‘grain’ and the Chuggington logo printed on each piece.  Overall the attention to detail is really good.

The Wooden track is advertised as being compatible with other wooden train tracks, and we can confirm this is true!  So ,if you get something similar as a gift, you can link the track up together to create a mega track!

Chuggington in a box!

Chuggington in a box!

Of all the Toyologist Toy boxes toys, Joshua has probably spent the most time playing with the Chuggington Train set.  He will pick up a train and run it along the track, or play a game we made up which involves pushing Wilson or Koko through the tunnel and down the slope with special effect ‘choo choo ‘ noises!

The only slight improvement we would make to this toy is to somehow make it possible to clip the clock tower together.  At the moment, when Joshua pushes the train through the top of the clock tower, the tower usually comes off.  The tower is marketed as a 2 in 1 feature by Chuggington, but we think the plastic could be made to lock together differently.  As Joshua gets older that won’t be a problem we’re sure.

We’re not sure why this is marketed at age 3+.   Perhaps the vendor could let us know.  It seems perfectly safe for Joshua’s age group, unless there is a risk of wheels coming off the trains or something?


Pros:  Simple and fun

Cons:  Tower could click together rather than resting on the base.

Describe yourself: First time parent, Working parent, Toyologist

Recommend to a friend: Yes

Recommended age range:  3+

Batteries: Not required.

Un-prompted interest from Joshua? Very good


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