Christmas Eve Boxes

Start a new Christmas tradition and make bedtime even more magical, with a Christmas Eve Box filled with small treats and festive goodies.
Adding an extra touch of sparkle to the night before Christmas, these gift boxes are ideal for getting your little ones ready for bed. Fill them with presents that reflect the spirit of the season – from lovely mementoes of the family to cosy pyjamas for Christmas Eve cuddles – and set aside some quiet time to open the box together.

Ideal for babies, toddlers and young children, Christmas Eve Boxes are sure to become a new family favourite within moments.

Christmas Eve box

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How to fill a Christmas Eve Box

With Christmas only one sleep away, there’s no need to go all out when it comes to filling a Christmas Eve Box. Keep the gifts small, quiet and perfect for sharing. Stuck for ideas? We’ve collected some of our top tips below.

Opening a Christmas Box

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Snugglesome pyjamas

Pop in a brand new pair of adorable pyjamas and make getting ready for bed a much more attractive prospect for your little one. Whether it’s a Santa’s Little Helper Sleepsuit or pyjamas featuring their favourite Disney character or superhero, there’s no better way to tempt kids into getting tucked in.

Some sweet treats

A small candy cane, a few chocolate coins or maybe a hot chocolate sachet with a few marshmallows to go on top – you can’t go wrong with adding little tasty treat. Avoid anything too big and be sure not to open the box until after dinner unless you want to spoil someone’s appetite!

Chocolate Coins

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Christmas Books

Include a book in your box and settle down for story time. There are loads of fun, festive stories out there, like The Jolly Christmas Postman or the hilarious Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas – and if you buy a new book for the box every Christmas, you’ll soon have a little library that can be enjoyed year in and year out.

An activity

When you’re putting together a Christmas Eve box for toddlers and older children, it’s a great idea to include an activity you can do together. It might be some card and coloured felt tips so you can make some last minute table decorations or maybe a pre-made cookie mix so you can make Christmas biscuits together in the morning – it’s the shared experience that’s the important thing!

Making Christmas Biscuits

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A personal memento

A Christmas Eve Box is the ideal place to include something personal, as it won’t be lost in the flurry of wrapping paper and excitement that tends to overtake the day itself. Write a poem dedicated to your little one, pop in a nice family picture or add something you’ve made yourself – whether that’s a knitted blanket or a decorated photo frame.

Something for the future

Use your box as a way to build even more new traditions for the future. For example, some parents like to give their little ones a new decoration for the tree every year so that eventually, they’ll have a whole collection to hang on their own tree. Or you could start with a photo album that you add an extra picture to every December – whatever you think your family will treasure most.

Christmas Ornament

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