Chocolate Lolly Maker Review


When we received the list of toys we were going to review, the children were ecstatic about the chocolate lolly maker, they had seen it advertised on television numerous times and they all seemed very keen, I was not convinced!

This was the first item out of the box and within five minutes I was being pestered to give it a go, luckily I had read the box which stated no chocolate included, so I had already bought a large bar of chocolate to give it a go. The box suggests chocolate drops, but a large bar worked just as well.Image

The little dish to melt the chocolate was very easy to use and the chocolate melted quite quickly, although it was only big enough to melt enough chocolate for one lolly at a time, which was a little frustrating as we had six very keen and hungry children to satisfy!Image

The moulds were easy to fill and they were sturdy enough, even for the three year old to help. We put them in the freezer for ten minutes and then added a message stamp on the back, then returned them to the freezer for a further twenty minutes. When the time had finished, we took them out of the freezer and they came out really easily from the moulds, the lolly shape and pattern was excellent and the mesaage could be clearly read on the back.

Since getting the lolly maker we have been through five large bars of chocolate, and it was only when the older children were at school did I manage to test out the wrapping of them as they had been eaten before we even got to the wrapping process!!


The price for the Lolly maker is £17.99, which I think is a fair price for the amount of enjoyment the children are getting out of it, although it would be even better if there was some way to include chocolate, perhaps in the way of a voucher, I am sure many top brand chocolate companies would be pleased to be associated with it.

This is a great product for parent and child interraction, although I would not recommend it is done without supervision as I can envisage quite a large mess, although they did manage to make some lollies with the assistance of their fourteen year old sister, without destroying my kitchen. Next week is Kaide’s birthday, so I am sure we will be making some Happy Birthday lollies ready for it, if they can leave them alone long enough to wrap!!


The youngest of the family certainly enjoyed his older siblings playing with this toy!!

I am sure this will continue to be popular in the Hex Mum household, until the dentist tells them otherwise!!

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