Child-friendly Garden Ideas

Hurrah for summer! It’s almost here, and with it the excitement of coming up with child-friendly garden ideas to get you and your little ones through the many sunny adventures to come. But garden fun isn’t just about sunshine, it’s about having a great outdoor space to enjoy with your kids.

Of course it’s not always easy coming up with garden ideas for children, so let Toys R Us help, with some fun and easy garden hacks to make the most of your outdoor space.

Kids playing in garden

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Garden ideas for kids

Garden Hack 1 – The Refuge

Outdoor space should be a special place for kids to relax, and like all good destinations for relaxation, it’s all the better for being a place where you feel safe. Make sure the plants and flowers in your garden are child-friendly, thorn-free and that there are no patches of stinging nettles hiding in the corner. It’s also a good idea to remove any plants which might have inedible fruit. If they’ll eat a crayon, you can be sure your kids will be after the shiny red berries on that shrub tucked in the flowerbed!

As far as garden ideas for kids go, it might seem obvious, but the trick is to really go hunting in those corners you might otherwise avoid – that’s where the kids always end up after all! For that extra bit of luxury escape on top, the TP Summer Lodge or Sizzlin’ Cool Meadow Cottage offer up the perfect summer house for your tiny monsters.

Kids play house

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Garden Hack 2 – Make it Colourful

Just because you’re taking away plants with a bit of bite, doesn’t mean you should avoid the pleasures of nature in your garden altogether. It’s important to get kids involved in the outdoors, and give their own fun garden ideas room to grow. No matter what size your garden, give your kids a little corner or even a plant pot of their own.

Bright colours are a great way to go. With just a little bit of research into some suitably tough, resilient plants and flowers, and a bit of time with the kids, you can ensure they make the most of the outdoor space by feeling like they’ve got a say in how it’s designed. And that doesn’t just go for plants – get a bit of colour in your furniture too!

Try out the Little Tikes 2 in 1 Wood Sand and Picnic Table, and add some colour and fun at the same time. Add even more fun in the sand with the Little Tikes Turtle Sandpit. Worried about cats? Here’s another top tip: buy yourself some toy rubber snakes and leave them in the garden. Cats are often frightened away, and your kids get another colourful toy to play with! Just don’t forget they’re there when you’re relaxing on your own.

Kids ride on toys

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Garden Hack 3 – Fun with a Splash

Great kids’ garden ideas wouldn’t be complete without some watery mayhem. But creating a safe environment for that mayhem is an important first step. If you’ve got a water feature like a pond in your garden, ensure it’s fenced off or covered up. Cover any water features up properly, and get a professional in if you’re worried, especially if you have very young children. Again this might be obvious, but it’s important enough to bear repeating.

That doesn’t mean all water is bad water of course – far from it! When the sunshine finally breaks free, what better way to take advantage than in your own Sizzlin’ Cool 10ft Pool with Filter Pump? Throw in a Smoby 7ft Wavy Water Slide and add a bit of splash into your summer.

Of course if you’re a bit more limited for space, that’s no reason to avoid the kids’ summer fun in the garden. Try out a Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Water Table and let them splash and play their way to some summer happiness.

Garden pool

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These are just a few child-friendly garden design ideas to kick-start your summer. Whatever you decide, here’s hoping for some sunshine!

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