Chameleon Crunch Game Review

The Chameleon Crunch Game is definitely one to get the kids burning off some energy. It is not the game of choice for a peaceful afternoon, though.
The idea of the game is to feed all of your insects to the chameleon. Sounds easy, but it isn’t! He runs around like he’s had one too many blue smarties. He crashes into walls, furniture and ankles for fun, and randomly spits out the bugs from his mouth.

Mattel’s Chameleon Crunch Game is suitable for children aged 4 and over – I’d say this is about right. Any younger, and they’ll struggle to put the insects into the moving toy’s mouth.

My children are too young to play with this, but I had fun testing it. The Chameleon is a little noisy, and I had visions of four giddy children chasing him round the house. He talks, too. Telling you he’s hungry and that he wants more. I haven’t had a chance to play the game with my niece yet, but I am pretty sure she would love it (she’s 4). If the game is a bit too energetic, you could always calm the game down a bit by sitting in a circle, to prevent the Chameleon running off too far.

The Chameleon Crunch Game requires 3x AA Batteries – these weren’t included. The game has an RRP of £14.99, which I think is a good price. It is pretty noisy though, so for that reason I have knocked 1 point off.

I give the Chameleon Crunch Game 4/5 and would recommend it for energetic kids aged 4+

Chameleon Crunch Game is available for £14.99 from Toys R Us.

Review By MotherGeek.

Thanks to Duracell for supplying the batteries for testing purposes.

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