Bratzillaz Doll Jade Jadore Review

I’m Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy and this is our sixth review from our Toyologists box of goodies. Today I’m writing a review of the Bratzillaz Doll called Jade J’Adore. You can check the price of the doll by clicking on the link.

What is a Bratzilla Doll? From the popular Bratz dolls, Bratzillaz are 6 beautiful witches. They have their own individual witchmark and stunning glass eyes. Their outfits are funky and their shoes are even funkier. Each Bratzillaz has their own unique talent or power. We received Jade J’Adore who has the power to heal a broken heart and loves everything about love. Bratzillas have a recommended age of 6 years and over.

What comes in the box? Inside the box you get your Bratzilla doll and a stand to hold her for display. You also get a brush, a bag, a character card that tells you about your Bratzillaz and a little “pet” that represents your dolls power. Jade J’Adore comes with this little devil-like creature called Kissifuss and his tummy lights up when you press his head.

I want these boots!!

More about Jade: She is the Bratzilla doll of love. She comes with a pretty red cape, a white dress with black and red lace frills on the side, black lace sleeves and a black lace eye-mask. Her accessories are all heart-themed to represent her power and her witchmark on her arm is of a heart with an arrow through it.
Jade is completely poseable so you can sit her down, stand her up or make her hop on one leg if you wanted too. Jade seems quite well made as none of her arms or legs fell off even after a rigorous play with Miss C.
I love the attention to detail on Jade. Her eyes are beautiful and I love her heart-shaped pupils and ruby-red lips. Miss C loved playing with her and I’d say that the recommended age of 6 and over is a bit high. There are small pieces but nothing that is any different from any other doll out there that a 4-year-old would play with. You can use your dolls character card to find out more about her online and I’d say this is where the older age would be appropriate.
I love the witches theme on these dolls and I think it offers girls who are into things like witches, magic and spells a doll to play with and enjoy.

Any drawbacks to the Bratzillaz doll? The Bratzillaz doll is slightly more expensive than a regular Bratz doll but other than that, I haven’t found any drawbacks to Jade. If I’m being really picky, I’d say her stand was a bit fiddly to adjust but Miss C wasn’t interested in showing her off; she just wanted to play!

Is it value for money? I think you’re paying for the name based on the current price as I’ve seen other dolls out there where you can get playsets or more accessories with the doll for the same price. However, Jade is well made and I definitely feel you’d get your monies worth for her in terms of durability.

Miss C is really chuffed with her Jade doll

Would I recommend Bratzillaz to a friend? Yes I would, especially to friends who have kids who love magic!

We give this doll 9/10 – Just because of the price and the fiddly stand!

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