Bratz Crystalicious Doll Yasmin Review

We were sent the Bratz Crystalicious Doll – Yasmin to review as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme a few weeks back and I have to say that Maisie really loves her! As Bratz dolls go I think she is one of the nicer ones to be honest; you may have seen my review of Jade J’Adore and I made it quite clear that I didn’t like how tarty she was! Now Yasmin is still wearing make-up, high heels and a short skirt but I find it a lot less it your face as Jade! So I would much rather Maisie play with this!

Create trendy beaded hairstyles with a Bratz Crystalicious Yasmin doll! This stylish doll is dressed in a shimmering dress and matching high-heeled shoes.
Doll set features loads of fun accessories, including glitter hair gel, sparkling jewel stickers, glitter shimmer flowers, a star brush, a working hair dryer and a glitter tinsel hair extension for both you and the doll!

Yasmin comes with a working hair-dryer, hair gels, hair extension and some hair jewels! Maisie loves to sit and do Yasmin’s hair; she spends ages brushing it and applying hair gel! The hair-dryer? well that’s a bit pointless to be honest and if it got shoved to the very bottom of the toy box and never seen again it would be missed! 😉

Maisie “drying” Yasmin’s hair – The hair dryer requires 3aaa batteries; it’s a bit of a novelty! It does blow a little cold air out ;)

Pretty Yasmin

Maisie loves her Bratz doll :)

Overall we love Yasmin and would recommend her! Little girls will have great fun playing with her hair… with or without the hair-dryer 😉

The Bratz Crystalicious Doll – Yasmin is available from Toys R Us for £17.99.

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