Bouncy Furreal Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.


When we first received the latest box of goodies from ToysRUs to review, Daddy was not at home. But as soon as he arrived, the newest member of our family made him very welcome (and jump out of his skin!)

Bouncy the FurReal friend does exactly as her name suggests – she bounces! And barks… and spins round the room. She has sensors so can tell if someone passes by quite close and then barks excitedly, jumping up and down and spinning round – just like a real small puppy would. Of course, real puppies can be trained to keep quiet (Bouncy cannot) but then they do make rather more mess than this cute little creature!

The packaging for Bouncy suggests the target market is young girls. Our daughter is rather too small to enjoy it, and our sons were not very interested – in fact, they found her rather annoying!

Our eight-year-old drew this to sum-up the latest round of reviews for ToysRUs…


…notice that ‘Bouncy’ is missing, but ‘Stupid dog’ is listed in her place!

For many young girls, this would make a perfect present. For our two boys, less so!


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