Board Games for Kids

With October well and truly underway and that autumnal chill spreading in the air, it’s time to get cosy with some fun indoors activities for all the family. At Toys R Us we’ve taken a moment to celebrate our beloved and best board games for kids and have compiled our favourite games so that you can ensure you and the little ones stay entertained as the temperature drops and the nights get longer.


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Strategy Board Games

Encourage logical thinking from a young age with fun strategy games – you’ll find that the whole family can enjoy these classics. Teach the importance of careful financing with firm favourite Monopoly, a board game which has had families fighting over Mayfair and Park Lane since the game’s UK launch in 1935. The classic edition of the board game is suited for ages 8+ but there are plenty of versions of Junior Monopoly so that younger members of the family can still enjoy building their own property empire.

Strategy board games teach valuable skills that young ones can use in later life, such as strategic thinking, social skills and reasoning. Older children and adults alike who enjoy a bought of logical thinking will relish a game of Risk. Learn how to conquer entire continents with your army and team up with other family members to overthrow enemies and dictators. At Toys R Us we stock plenty of editions of the classic strategy game, including Star Wars Edition Risk.

Monopoly board with horse playing piece

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Guessing Games

Sometimes we’ve just got to sit back and enjoy a bit of silliness with a classic parlour game with your friends and family. With old favourites like the traditional drawing game, Pictionary, kids and adults can draw and guess for hours and keep giggling at the pictures afterwards.

Unleash your child’s inner artist or encourage a budding actor with brain-bending party game Cranium which gets those creative juices flowing faster than you can say “sketch and sculpt”! There’s something for everyone with Data Head, Word Worm, Creative Cat and Star Performer categories so kids and adults can team up for a family board game battle.

Younger family members will enjoy a round or two of Guess Who?, the crafty guessing game of character deduction. Kids will have fun quizzing their opponent about their favourite characters when they play the Peppa Pig Guess Who? game or Finding Dory Guess Who?

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Word Games

If you’re interested in encouraging your child’s development of spelling and vocabulary, then word games are a great place to start. Some of the best board games out there make the most of our diverse and rich language and are a lot of fun, whilst at the same time being educational. Junior Scrabble can be played by children as young as 5, helping them build words with exciting pictures and tactile pieces. Older children and word-loving adults will enjoy a good old-fashioned game of Scrabble. We’ve been battling for triple word scores since the game’s invention in 1938, and the crossword-style word puzzle is still mighty popular with kids and adults today.

Wordsmiths who enjoy Scrabble and other logic-based games will also have a lot of fun playing Bananagrams. This handy pocket-sized word game comes in a bright yellow banana-shaped pouch. Players must race each other, building words and using all their tiles before the time is up. This family game is great for when you’re on the move as it can be packed up quickly and easily and each round only lasts a few minutes.

Whether you’re in to strategy games, guessing games or word games, there’s definitely something for everyone when it comes to entertaining the family with board games for kids from Toys R Us.

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