Best Preschool Toys for Kids

Kids love to play. Not only is it great fun, but it’s good for them. From a young age, playing with preschool toys will build your child’s imagination, by encouraging role play and creative thinking. This sort of play also promotes social skills in children, as they learn how to share, negotiate and co-operate with others. Young children will also develop physical skills as they play, discovering necessary abilities such as hand-eye co-ordination, dexterity and balance. Playing is also a great way for children to express their feelings, when they might be otherwise unable to.

Here at Toys R Us, we carefully select preschool toys to ensure your little one will be happily engaged in hours of creative play. We’ve chosen some of the best we have, so read on to find out what they do and what benefits your child can get from these top toys.

Top 10 Preschool Toys at Toys R Usmy-first-drum-kit

My First Drum Set
Available in either pink or blue, this Bruin drum kit is ideal for preschool children who love music. Learning a musical instrument helps children develop their hand-eye co-ordination, sense of rhythm and  dexterity. This basic kit is a great place to get them started – music is also a good outlet for their emotions, and drumming is a fantastic stress reliever!

Foam Alphabet and Number Mat
Ideal for indoor or outdoor fun, this foam mat from Bruin will help your preschool child learn numbers and letters. With 36 soft tiles featuring all the letters of the alphabet as well as numbers from 0-9, there’s hours of learning fun to be had. The tiles interlock, so they can build blocks which will develop their dexterity.

Little Gadget Learning Friend
This little robot is the ideal preschool toy for inquisitive young minds. Your child is sure to get excited about learning as, when you interact with this cute robot, he shakes, dances and wiggles. Encouraging language development and communication, this robot friend will teach your child letters, objects and how to tell the time. And what’s more, he’s compact enough to go everywhere your little one does.

Teaching Clock
This stylish wooden clock will teach your child how to tell the time, featuring not just o’clock and half past, but also the more difficult to comprehend notions of “quarter past”, “twenty five to” and so on. The vibrantly coloured number blocks are removable, assisting your child in the recognition of colours and shapes.

Alphabet Stacking Blocksteaching-clock
These Melissa & Doug stacking blogs are brightly coloured to stimulate your child’s sense, and are printed with cute animals to demonstrate the letters of the alphabet. When stacked, these blocks form a tower that’s nearly three feet high! Building blocks also helps your child to develop eye-hand co-ordination, and they’ll learn a lot about the delicate act of balance!

VTech Innotab 3
Fed up of your child borrowing your tablet or smart phone? Get them their own, with age-appropriate games and activities. The VTech Innotab 3 allows preschool children to develop essential skills, learning numbers, letters and logic. They can also get creative with apps for drawing, painting and photography. And if they tire of all that, it’s easy to connect to VTech’s Learning Lodge site to download additional educational toys and games.

LeapFrog Learning Friends Adventure Bus
Looking for a colourful toy for your 3 or 4 year old? You won’t go far wrong with the LeapFrog Learning Friends Adventure Bus. It’ll develop their imagination and allow for hours of creative play, with three cute learning friends to play with – Koala, Fox and Penguin. The bus features plenty of exciting features, including over 20 songs, phrases and sounds to introduce your child to communication and language learning.

Wonderworld Rocking Crocodile
Your preschooler will develop balance and co-ordination as they seesaw on this adorable rocking crocodile. Colourful and soft, it will stimulate your little one’s senses, and the croc can even be removed from the base for quiet cuddle times.Wonderworld-Wooden-Rocking-Crocodile

Wonderworld Wooden Ride-On Fire Engine
Young children will love creating role play scenarios with this wooden ride-on fire engine from Wonderworld. Chunky and wooden, it’s sturdy enough to use indoors or outside, and its working steering wheel will help develop their balance and co-ordination. Kids can stash all their essentials in the hidden under-seat storage – perfect for little adventurers!

Fun Years My Workbench
Little girls and boys will enjoy helping out with DIY with the Fun Years My Workbench from Bruin. Brightly coloured, it’s been designed to stimulate your child’s senses, with flashing lights, sounds and songs. Using the hammer and screw will help develop their motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and will keep their imagination working for hours.

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