Best Building and Construction Toys

Building is fun: there’s no two ways about it. So no matter what age or gender your child is, building and construction toys are a sure-fire winner. From easy building toys to more complicated structures, we’ve picked out some of the best kids’ construction toys from our collection.Bob’s Deluxe Construction Tower

Best construction toys for kids

Bob’s Deluxe Construction Tower

For most toddlers, Bob the Builder is the ultimate construction hero. So it’s no wonder that Bob the Builder construction toys are so popular. This particular toy is suitable for children aged three and over, and is billed as ‘Bob’s biggest construction project ever’. Kids can play by using the winch to transport building materials to the top of the structure, and it also includes a Bob action figure, a wheelbarrow, two cement bags and cones.
VTech Toot Toot Driver Construction Playset

This fun toy is actually suitable for children aged over one year old, but toddlers will probably get more creative playtime from it. You’ll need to clear a large space in the play area for it as it’s quite sizeable, with 16 pieces of track, a cargo holder, dumper truck vehicle, a crane and a lifting claw. It also features six SmartPoints that punctuate play with tunes and fun phrases (requires two AA batteries). This is a bright and colourful addition to any play room, and will provide fun for years to come.
Caterpillar Construction Mini Machine Five Pack

If space is an issue, toddlers can imagine their own construction playground with this pack of mini building machines. Aside from their small size, they’re realistic too as they’re made by real-life excavator manufacturers CAT. The pack includes a bulldozer, dump truck, a digger and a scooter. It is ideal for use on a construction-themed playmat, and is suitable for children aged three and older.

Cool things to build or makePull Along Wooden Blocks in Wagon

Lego Duplo My First Construction Site

Lego Duplo is the perfect introduction to building toys for very young children.  Duplo bricks are larger than classic Lego pieces, so you won’t have to worry about your little one swallowing the pieces here. This particular set includes two Lego people and an assortment of bricks, as well as a truck, crane, building and road signs, and traffic cones – so your child can build their own construction site. It’s suitable for ages two and older, but for children aged over four, Lego Juniors Construction is lots of fun too, allowing kids to make a much more detailed construction site with smaller bricks.

Pull Along Wooden Blocks in Wagon

For even younger children (minimum age 12 months), these Pull Along Wooden Blocks offer an ideal beginning. These blocks let your child play with the early principles of construction, helping them learn how to make shapes and structures that are balanced and stable. This particular building toy is designed by Universe of Imagination, and is available exclusively from Toys R Us.

Gift ideas for kids

Real Construction Starter Set

Is your child itching to make something real? This Real Construction Starter Set could be the perfect gift, helping them graduate from construction toys to something a bit more grown-up. Competitively priced, it’s best suited to children aged five or older. It includes a mini-hammer, a small saw and some nails. Also included are planks of the safe material Kid-Wood, so you won’t need to worry about them developing any splinters. When they run out of materials, you can also get a Real Construction Refill Pack and a Real Construction Fixings Set.Hexbug Vex Construction Kit

Emmet’s Construct-O-Mech

This is the ideal present for any child that loves the Lego Movie, and designed for kids aged over eight. It includes all the pieces you need to build your own Construct-O-Mech, as well as your very own figures of Emmet, Angry Kitty, two skeletrons and the ultimate Piece of Resistance – so recreating scenes from the movie has never been easier. Throw in the Lego Movie DVD along with it, and it’s the perfect gift for the ultimate fan.
Hexbug Vex Construction Kit

If your child is obsessed with hexbugs, this construction toy lets them make their own. This toy isn’t just about building: it’ll also help your child learn the principles of STEM engineering. So they’ll be learning and playing at the same time. Hexbug Vex Construction Kits are available in several figures, including spiders, ants, scarabs and strandbeasts. There’s no better way to teach kids about robotics. It’s designed for children aged eight and over – though plenty of grown-up kids will love this one as well.



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