Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch Review

My son is a big Ben 10 fan and we’ve got an array of accessories and various incarnations of Omnitrix littered around the house.  If you’re not an avid viewer of Ben 10 yourself and you don’t know what an Omnitrix is, it’s basically a like a watch that Ben 10 wears on his wrist and it allows him to transform himself into various types of alien.

Unfortunately as great as the Omniverse Omnitrix Touch is, it doesn’t actually turn you into an alien, however it’s still lots of fun!  It’s definitely the most advanced Omnitrix we’ve owned.  You can listen to 20 sounds over three modes of play, listen to seven new aliens sounds and even create your own sound effects.   All you have to do is press the face of the Omnitrix to unlock it and the pop up touch pad lets you discover all it has to offer.

With lights and sounds, I think it’s enough to attract any little boy and certainly caught my little mans attention!

Apparently the Omniverse Omnitrix Touch also links with other products like sound boxes from the 15cm figures that are available separately and the DNA code from the Plumber Tech Proto-Specs however, as we don’t have these I can’t really comment on how well these work but the fact that it does have functionality with some of the other Ben 10 products is definitely a plus point for me.

My 5 year old is enjoying playing with this but I’m not sure if it’s features are enough to keep him interested long-term. I can imagine it will get more of an outing when friends come round or he digs out his Ben 10 costume for fancy dress parties and then we’ll get the value out of it.

The Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix Touch is available at Toys R Us, priced at £24.99 each.

Review by Mrs M from At Home With Mrs M

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