Become a Hero Save the Planet Review

The fact that this game was produced by some local students as part of a Young Enterprise scheme was the first thing that appealed to me. A lot of thought has gone into Mission Earth, both on a practical, and fun level.

Inside the outer box, we found:

Game Board, 1 die, 3 categories of cards (212 in total), 8 Earth Hero profile cards, 8 Earth Hero playing pieces, 75 Carbon Tokens, rules sheet and Mission Statement.

The board is quite impressive as it doubles up as the box to keep everything in. Here’s a little clip of it being prepared:


The aim of the game is to travel back in time, from the future, to save Earth from destruction. The first player to reach the Earth with no carbon tokens wins. Each player is dealt 7 carbon tokens at the beginning, and as they travel around the board, have opportunities to get rid of them, or gain them! There are various types of squares to land on. If you land on a purple square, you take a Chance card and read the environmentally themed forfeit aloud. This can be good or bad. If you land on a red square, you perform an action, whether it be performing or acting, and you can be rewarded by other players guessing your action. There are also Team Play cards, where all players have the opportunity to get rid of some Carbon tokens by doing things such as naming something they will do this week to reduce pollution, or naming an endangered animal. Landing on a yellow square involves answering a question. Get it right, and lose a carbon token.

At any point in play, your Earth Hero profile card can be used to offer a super power boost, allowing you to move forward six places. There is a lot of activity to keep children amused, and they also gain a better understanding about looking after the planet. We had fun playing this, and even my 3 year old wanted to join in.

Would I recommend this game? This isn’t your run-of-the-mill board game. It’s fun, educational and has been made by children, for children. So yes, I would certainly recommend this for children aged 7 and above.

Mission Earth- The fun way to learn about saving the planet! Available from Toys ‘R’ Us soon!

Review by Bizzy Mum aka Domestic Disgrace

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