Battroborg 3in1 Military vs red Arena Pack

We got this toy to test as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme.


My son’s who are 7 and 11 absolutely love it. It is easy to assemble, with a little help from their dad and they love beating each other with the robots. The robots take 20 minutes to charge on the handheld chargers, but you only get 20 minutes of play before they need recharging so they can’t play with them for too long in one go. I would say that and the price of these are the only downside to the toy

boys 1

You are able to practice controlling the robots with some plastic dummy like robots on stands or you can go head to head and try to beat your opponent which my boys loved doing. It is done on a light system; the lights at the top of the robot change colour and make a noise each time a successful hit is placed and once it has gone red it stops you from being able to move your robot, meaning that you have lost.

boys 2

It is good fun for everyone to take turns and play together and also helps with co-ordination as it does take a little practice to get use to moving the robots to punch.

I would recommend this for anyone who has children that like robots and battling type toys or as a good toy for all the family to play with.

Thanks to Kirsty for this review. 

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