Battroborg 2 Pack and Arena Review

“Battling remote control robots, every boy and daddy’s dream”

Price: £69.99

Buy online:  Toys R Us


Initial thoughts: Remote controlled motion sensitive battling robots.  This really caught the attention of my seven and eight year old boys.

We liked:It is really innovative in that the robots are motion controlled and once you get the hang of how to control them are really fun to use and battle.    Pairing the robot to the remote control was simple and the area was easy to put together and seems to be pretty sturdy.   It is easy enough for children to connect the robots to the controllers to charge them and also for them to use the stickers to personalise their own Robot.  It is a real evolution from the boxing type games of the past.

We weren’t keen: Yet again another toy that requires batteries (8 AA) and they were not included.  When paying this price for a toy I would expect to have them included.  Also the robots only last a few minutes and then need to go on charge again.  This meant that the boys and their friends got frustrated when they were trying to have battling tournaments and share the robots between them.  Also the robots did end up backwards a lot of the time and require human intervention!

Overall: This is an expensive, but innovative toy.  It is great fun if you have a couple of children to play against each other and the boys and their friends loved it.  It could be improved by being more controllable, hoever if you have a child that loves wrestling, robots or battling games then this could be the perfect game for them.

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