Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Ken feature Doll Review

When I was younger, I absolutely loved my Barbie doll and I’d play with her for ages. I’d send her on adventures, she’d get driven around in their limousine and she enjoyed a fancy house with lots of clothes and shoes. Of course, my Barbie doll also had a boyfriend; Ken.

This Ken feature doll is completely different from how I remember my Ken doll. For starters, his hair is real, not painted on. He looks more boyish these days too…my Ken was kind of ruggedly handsome.

Miss C introduced Ken to her Barbie and they set off together on a bare horseback ride around her room. She loved that Ken could talk to Barbie whenever she pressed a button on his chest. He said some pretty random things but they seemed to be what Barbie wanted to hear, as she invited him for a drive in her pink car. Ken has at least 20 different phrases that range from “Awesome” to “Warning, reflections in the mirror may appear more handsome!”girl2

Ken is suitable for ages 3 and over and requires 4 cell batteries, which are included. You need to remember to remove the tab from his back when you bring him out of the box or he’ll just say the one thing, over and over. He’s fully poseable but doesn’t do great at standing up himself. Ken seems well made but I’m sure, like most dolls like these, you could pull his head or limbs off if you tried hard enough. Thankfully, Miss C is pretty good with her dolls. The age range is about right as Ken does have small accessories that could cause a toddler to choke.

Ken doesn’t come with any extra outfits or accessories but you can remove his clothes, shoes and watch so you could buy extra bits to dress him in.

This toy is great for imaginative play and role-play and Miss C spent ages playing away with the new addition to her doll collection.

I’d recommend this Ken doll to any Barbie fan however, if you aren’t bothered about the talking feature on this Ken doll, I wouldn’t pay the current price and would look for an alternative, cheaper Ken doll.

This review was written by Laura  who blogs at Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy you can follow her on Twitter as @LauraCYMFT 

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