Bakugan Mechtavious Destroyer Review

Release the power of the Evil Bakugan Mechtavious Destroyer! Transform your four powerful Mechtogan as they combine into one giant Mechtavious monster! Swipe your Mechtavious Destoyer Activator to reveal hidden G-power. Battle your way to victory with this super powered monster!

We had one VERY excited boy when the Bakugan logo was spotted in the Toyologist’s Toybox.

Bakugan is a Japanese action adventure animated television series. The story centers on the lives of creatures called Bakugan and the battle brawlers who possess them.

The original Bakugan which I remember are little balls, which spring into a character upon impact ready for battle. They were a craze at school a good few years ago, before my boys were old enough for them, but they seem to still hold their own today! Jorge did a get a set for Christmas a couple of years back and they were played with well! We don’t know much about them though… and when we took at closer look at Mechtavious Destroyer, he was altogether different!

Mechtavius Destroyer is a 4-in-1 formation consisting of four evil Mechtogan from the Doom Dimension: Coredegon, Exostriker,Mandibor, and Slycerak. What does that mean to me?Basically there are 4 Mechtogan in the box which can be played with and transformed seperately – then put together to make the Mechtavious Destroyer. You also get 4 ability cards and 1 Mechtogan Activator in the box too! And what is a Mechtagon Activator exactly? Mechtogan Activators are a special type of Gate Cards that are used on Mechtoganin Bakugan. On one side, it features the Mechtanium Surge logo and on the other side, it has a detailed picture of the corresponding Mechtogan. They are used to open a Mechtogan by swiping it on the Mechtogan’s back. Every Mechtogan comes with one.

My eldest is 7, so a great age to get testing this one out… and test it out he did! He took it upon himself to get to grips with the instructions – and even corrected me when I asked to have a go too! Each of the 4 component Mechtogan seemed sturdy and transformed fairly easily with no bits falling off! They are a good size to handle and the boys loved the fact they could play with them individually as almost a seperate game! It took a little while to get to grips with how to put the 4 together (the instructions weren’t that great to be honest, so we had to go more off the pictures and how it should look to make judgements on what to do!)… but once we had cracked it, it was job done!

I think there is obviously going to be a lot more a REAL Bakugan fan would get out of this toy. For a start, they would know who was who, know more about the powers and understand more of the technical terminology that is used to tell you how to play and what to do… but on our level my boys loved it just as much. This Bakugan is almost at a different level to the basic ball rolling ones and seems to have a lot more to offer. They transform much like Transformers do… but seem a lot more sturdy in doing so – it was great that no bits actually fell off in our hands! We haven’t really got into using the ability cards or the activator… but I know it won’t be long until they are discovered and brought into the play too!

With a price tag of £34.99 it is not the cheapest toy on the block – but you do get a lot for your money and it is a good quality toy, something that can not be taken for granted! Would I buy it.. well I think probably yes, and even more so if I had some little Bakugan fans! And what did my 7 year old make of it? Well see for yourself…

HUGE thumbs up and a 10/10 – one VERY happy little man :o)
And would he recommend it? Erm…. YES!!!
Reviewed by Whatmeandtheboyssay

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