Babyologists Review: Ellergenics Cotbed Mattress

We got send the Ellergenics Cotbed Mattress to review as part of our amazing role as a Babies R Us Babyologists. When you are having or have a baby there is so much choice available when it comes to what items to buy. Getting a baby to sleep and into a good night time routine can be a nightmare, and a large portion of a babies time will be spent in there cot, so you want the best for them. When choosing a mattress for your child remember you are not buying it for an adult. While all mattresses should be comfortable, the most important thing when picking a babies mattress is safety. It’s the one time you are leaving your child alone, so you expect them to be safe. When choosing a mattress there is a couple of things to look out for, you need to make sure that you get the right size mattress. If the mattress is the wrong size, your baby could be dangerously trapped in the gaps between the cot and mattress. You also need a mattress that feels firm rather than soft, as your baby needs a mattress with good support and one that won’t sag.


The Ellergenics cotbed mattress is a hypoallergenic mattress, it has a quilted top layer that can easily be detached from the body of the mattress. It is the things that you can’t see that are much more harmful for your baby. With this mattress, dust mites and fungal spores have nowhere to grow and nowhere to hide. With a detachable top layer you can remove it and wash it which will kill any dust mites that may cause allergies. Simply wash it at sixty degrees centigrade to kill the dust mites. Fear not, while the while the washable cover is being washed, there is a secondary inner cover which allows the mattress to be used. The inner cover is an advance multi-layer fabric, it is sealed and waterproof to keep the mattress core hygienic by excluding liquid and house dust mites. The fact you can use the inner cover while the outer cover is being washed encourages regular hygiene, and when changing your babies sheets you are encouraged to wash the cover as it is so simple and easy to do. The mattress core is made from individually pocketed springs encased in foam, for longevity and postural support. These adapt to your growing child’s weight and shape, ensuring good comfort and spinal support. The Ellergenic mattress is the first cot mattress to have the seal of approval from Allergy UK. It was awarded this because it reduces the presence of yeast, fungi and most importantly, house dust mites. By tackling these allergens at an early age your child will be at less risk of developing asthma later in life.


Emily has been testing the mattress for 2 weeks now, and in all honesty she seems to be sleeping much better on this one than her last. When I used to put her own in her cot for a nap she used to turn constantly and wriggle for ages before falling asleep, now when you lay her down she spreads her arms and legs out and falls asleep a lot faster – which must be a good sign, right? She has also been a little poorly over the past couple of weeks, so the detachable cover came in useful. Emily puked all over her cot, and although we do have a mattress protector on, it was nice and reassuring to know that I could unzip it and wash the outer cover, the mattress protector and the sheets to get rid of the bug. It set my worries aside knowing that it can all be washed, before I was a bit worried that Emily would be sick or have a poo incident and it would stain her mattress, although it has a mattress protector they are not completely full proof. So it is nice to know I can simply detach it and wash the mess away, I think it has to be one of my favourite things about the product.


Although this mattress is at the high end of the market with a RRP of £199.99 (price taken from Toys r us website) I think it is definitely worth that for peace of mind and comfort. It is a cot bed mattress so your child is going to be using it till they are 4 maybe a little older, thats roughly £50 a year, thinking of it that way it doesn’t seem that much.

I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family. I think it is priced fairly, and I love the peace of mind it provides when worrying about allergens.








Review by Stephanie, mum of Raising Emily

Twitter: @StephJaynex

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