Babyologist Review: The Motorola MBP 27T Video Baby Monitor

We asked Angela from Adventures in WebsterLand to review the Motorola MBP 27T Video Baby Monitor.

We were worried about the quality of the video and possibility of interference before the product arrived but we were amazed at how good the quality of the video is even in the dark in infra-red, and there has been no noticable interference at all. Also the audio sensitivity and sound quality is superb without being so noisy it is distracting. The range of this system is also very good.We have been using the Motorola MBP27T Digital Video Baby Monitors for a couple of weeks and we have been really impressed.

The feature we have found most useful has been the ability to tilt and pan the camera from the monitor unit, this means we don’t have to disturb the baby by entering the room to reposition the camera. The unit is also packed with other features such as touchless milk thermometer and touchless forehead thermometer, talk mode which allows two way communication and the ability to connect up to four cameras to the one video monitor unit.

Overall we are delighted with the system and we are considering buying a second camera to put in our toddlers room too.


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