Babyologist Review: The BabyBjorn Carrier Reviewed by Ewelina

Babyologist Ewelina reviews this baby carrier – from both her and little Antonina’s point of view. This review is part of the Babyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers test baby products and toys with their little ones for useful insight by parents, for parents.


It’s me, Antonina. Few weeks ago I heard my mum talking with my dad about my pushchair. Mum said that from next week she won’t need to use it. I didn’t understand what’s going on. What about going for a walk every day? Will I be at home the whole time? This makes me want to cry!

But the week after…

Somebody knocked the door. It was a man from the courier company with small box. My mum opened the box, showed me what’s inside and said: “It’s for you, honey!”. Now I know:



My review first:

“I am so excited! Now I can explore the world together with my parents. I can be with them all the time and observe what they’re doing. I can cook dinner together with my mummy or go for a shopping together with daddy. I don’t want to go back to my pushchair. I can go out with my parents for a long time, because sitting in carrier is very comfortable. Head support is a great idea, because I can just sleep when I’m tired. I love this carrier!”





My mum’s review:

“Before I opened the box, I looked at the front picture. My first thought was “It looks very good. I think that this might be the best quality.” And I was right 🙂 This carrier definitely meets my expectations. The first important thing for me is safety. The safety system is really smart (you have 3 different solutions) so your baby sits safely inside.


The second most important thing for me: the material. The material used is free from allergens and dangerous substances, and is very easy to clean!

The possibility of adjusting the carrying height really stands out for me.

The carrier can be used from birth – newborns high up on chest, older children – further down. The carrier suits my little one very well. She loves be in the carrier because she can see more than in pushchair. For me, using the carrier is more comfortable than the pushchair, especially on escalators or stairs. Now we don’t need to look for a lift when we’re going to London 🙂

This carrier has made my life easier. I think that we’ll stay with this for a long time, because we can use it before our girl reaches 12 kilograms. When I showed it to my mum, she asked me: “What’s this? New dog-lead?” I explained, that it is for Antonina, not for my dog! Then she said: “This looks really good. When you were a baby, I needed to carry you all the time. Now you have so many fantastic things.”

Tips for storage: we always put away the carrier in the same (closed) position as when you are carrying baby. This means you don’t need to wondering how you should put it on. Me & Antonina definitely and absolutely love the BabyBjorn carrier because now we can be close all the time. This is the best baby product I’ve ever had! Highly recommended for all parents.


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