Babyologist Review: Philips Avent Classic + Newborn Starter Set Reviewed By Laura

Laura gives us a full, detailed review of this great starter set for new parents. This review is part of the Babyologist programme, where a team of hand-selected reviewers test baby products and toys with their little ones for useful insight by parents, for parents.

As a mum, I am always on the lookout for products to try that I haven’t tried before with any of my children. I had heard of the Avent brand but hadn’t actually tried any of their products, so we were really excited to get started! When we received this brilliant starter set to review, the first thing I was impressed with was the actual packaging of the items.



Considering you get 4 bottles, a bottle brush and a soother included in the set, it all comes very neatly packaged in an A4 size box. The box itself is brilliant. It has a large, clear picture on the front showing everything that is included in the set and on the back and sides of the box is lots of really useful facts and information about the bottles themselves. Anyone buying this set would find this information given on the box really helpful when using the bottles, especially first time parents. The box can be easily folded down and stored flat thanks to the flexible cardboard packaging used, making it easy to have all the useful information on the box close to hand for future reference.


When I opened the box up, the contents were just what I was expecting from such a well known, trusted brand such as Philips Avent. The set has been really carefully thought out to include everything a newborn baby and their parents would need to get started when introducing bottles. All the bottles are made from high quality durable materials and this continues through to the included soother and bottle brush. You can tell by handling these products that they are built to last, this is just what you need as a mum and the last thing you want to be doing is frequently having to buy new bottles!

The four bottles included in the set are of two different sizes, there are two of the 125ml/ 4oz bottles and two of the 260ml/ 9oz bottles. The 125ml/ 4oz bottles are a perfect size for newborns as they do not require much milk to start off with, the look absolutely adorable too! These smaller bottles are also really handy for putting cooled boiled water into when your baby starts weaning. A sippy cup attachment can also be purchased from Avent which replaces the teat and simply fits onto the bottle where the teat would go so they really do grow with your child and are not just for newborns. The 260ml/ 9oz bottles are perfect for when your baby gets a little older and requires a higher volume of milk. This size of bottle is normally plenty big enough for a baby all the way up to 1 year+ so again, the product really grows with your child and can be adapted to their needs quickly and easily.

Philips Avent have thought of everything with the bottles in this set, they have included size 0 teats on the smaller bottles which are specific newborn teats and on the larger bottles they have included size 1 teats which are perfect for 1 month plus. In doing this, they have provided everything a parent will need to get started and progress with bottle feeding and they have eliminated the need  to go out and buy more equipment when your baby suddenly needs a faster flowing teat or a higher volume of milk. If the parents find that they require more bottles or different teats, they will easily know what to look for thanks to all the helpful information included on the packaging.

The bottles are the main component of this set and Avent proudly advertise that they are anti-colic bottles and that they only have 4 parts, making them incredibly easy to clean and put back together. The anti-colic feature is fantastic and this is what really stands out for me, they have been designed in such a way that prevents any unnecessary air escaping through the teat and into your baby’s tummy. When looking at which bottles to buy for your baby, I feel this feature is a must. It ensures that each feed your baby takes is more comfortable for them as a pose to using a bottle without the anti-colic feature. Happy baby equals happy parents after all!


When we received this set to review, the first item we tried out was the 0-6 month soother. My 5 month old daughter is incredibly fussy with soothers and actually prefers her thumb, however we thought we would give this Avent one a go as it was a brand of soother we hadn’t yet tried. At the time our daughter was teething quite badly and had a bit of a cold so she wasn’t getting much comfort from her thumb, amazingly she actually took the Avent soother first time and it really helped to provide the comfort she needed to get to sleep. She also liked the fact that it was big enough for her to grasp herself and  put it back in or take out as she pleased.

The next thing we tried out from the set was the bottles themselves. My daughter is actually breast fed but we have previously tried feeding her expressed milk in a standard (non Avent) bottle. This didn’t go too well as she took in so much air from the bottle and it gave her quite bad stomach ache, so we were very excited to give these Avent ‘anti-colic’ bottles a go!

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I expressed some breast milk for her and my husband attempted to feed it to her using the 260ml/ 9oz bottle with the size 1 teat. Our daughter accepted and took the bottle straight away which is a big achievement in itself as she can be fussy and loves feeding from Mummy so much! She finished the bottle in quick succession and got on really well with the size 1 teat. I think she would also be fine on the size 2 teat which is available as she is 5 months old and can handle milk flowing out a bit faster now she is that bit older. After the feed, our daughter was happy, content and brought any wind she had up really quickly. In comparison to the standard (non Avent) bottle we previously tried, this was fantastic. Daddy is now able to feed his daughter a bottle and we are confident she will be comfortable and content afterwards. This is such a positive for us as often with breastfeeding, Dads can feel a bit left out with the feeding side of things. Since receiving this newborn starter set, my husband has been able to give our daughter her last feed of the day and put her to bed. This has provided my daughter and her Daddy with some special bonding time each day and gives Mummy a bit of a break! I can see us using these bottles right up until our daughter no longer wants or needs her milk any more, which should be a good while off yet!

The final part of the set we tried out was the bottle brush when we needed to wash the Avent bottle we used for the first time. We don’t have a dishwasher so this is the perfect tool to hygienically clean each bottle after use.

07 08


The bottle brush is made of a really sturdy plastic which ensures you get a good grip on it to thoroughly clean inside each bottle. The bristles of the brush are all on one side as a pose to all the way around like some other brands. I actually prefer this as it gives a clear view of all the bristles so you can easily see if any dirt or grime builds up and clean it accordingly. Another built in feature of this item is the teat cleaner at the opposite end of the brush to the bristles. This really allows you to make sure any milk that has built up in and around the teat is completely removed before sterilising the bottles. The brush can also be safely sterilised along with the bottles to provide you with even more peace of mind that the bottles are being thoroughly cleaned. This is a brilliant feature as some other bottle brushes cannot be sterilised but as this one can, you will be confident it is hygienically clean before you use it.

All of the items in this set are so well made and completely BPA free. They have minimal parts with minimal nooks and crannies which prevents any unnecessary build up of dirt and grime, making each item really easy to clean and then sterilise. This therefore ensures that you are able to feed your baby with a product that you are confident is as hygienically clean as it can be. This is so important, especially for younger babies who have not yet built up much of an immune system. After washing the bottles, I would highly recommend rinsing them out thoroughly and either placing them straight in your steriliser or leaving them to dry on a well ventilated surface where the water can easily drain off prior to sterilising. This will prevent any build up of grime or mildew, keeping your bottles in good condition and they will then last as long as you need them too.

Overall, we have thoroughly enjoyed trying out and using this Avent newborn starter set. Even though our daughter is 5 months old and not a newborn any more, we have still found a use for all the items that are included. As our daughter is breastfed and quite fussy with soothers and bottles, I was worried that we wouldn’t get much use out of this set. However, thanks to Avent’s innovative designs and features, our daughter is now easily able to switch from breast to bottle and she is happy and content whilst doing so. Because my daughter actually accepted the Avent bottle of expressed breast milk, it has now given my husband the opportunity to feed her that he did not have before. This has got to be the highlight of the set for us and the thing we love the most. The brilliant anti-colic feature of the bottles means that we are confident in using them and know that she is just as comfortable after a bottle from Daddy as she is after a breast feed from Mummy.

I would recommend this set to any new parents, whether you plan to bottle or breast feed. Its has everything you need to get started in introducing bottles to your baby whether it is straight away or a few months down the line like we did. Avent is a well known, trusted brand and I feel that this set proves that their products do what they claim to do and can be used with confidence and with every success. This set would also be an ideal gift to give at a baby shower or for a new baby and I am sure it would be very gratefully received.
I am confident that we will be using and enjoying this set right up until our daughter no longer needs it.


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