Babyologist Review: LeapFrog Roll and Go Rocking Horse



This is the first toy I have reviewed and was excited to receive it, especially as it was a Leapfrog product which in my experience is indicative of high quality and lots of interactive fun.

The Roll and Go Rocking Horse is a study and relatively compact toy that is of a suitable size for my daughter who is currently 9 months old. Having said this, it is also rather weighty but this hasn’t stopped my little one from trying to pick it up. The toy is vibrantly coloured and attractive looking with a saddle that lights up when pressed. It would be nice for the toy to have other light up areas – maybe when it is rocking – to provide additional visual stimulation as most other interactive electronic toys have more than one light up section.

The noises the horse makes comes with 2 volume settings and it says a wide number of phrases. The spoken words are very clear and there are also a number of catchy tunes that it sings. When left inactive for a period of time the toys reminds you “I’m over here” but does turn itself off if inactive for long periods. The toy is activated by being pushed or by pressing the saddle button. This button is large and easy for small hands to make contact with although my daughter was unable to press hard enough to activate it and therefore needed adult assistance with this. Again it would be nice to have other buttons for them to activate or parts that were moveable i.e. the ears or tail so that the toy is more tactile from an earlier age.

My daughter spent a lot of time pushing the horse over and thanks to the curved surface on the base more often than not it was able to right itself. I found that the horse didn’t move particularly well across the carpet and due to the previously mentioned weight was difficult for my child to push in a forward motion. As a result she lost interest in the toy rather quickly and made no or little effort to reach for it or interact with it independently especially if other toys were within her reach. I would not say that this toy has really encourage her to become more mobile which is one of its selling points but this may change as her physical abilities progress.

Overall the toy has many positive features but to be honest I have found it rather limiting in terms of the fun and interactivity that it offered particularly when compared to other electronic interactive toys of a similar size. It is not a toy that I envisage becoming one of my daughter’s favourites but again this could change as she gets older as it has a suggested age suitability of up to 36 months.

Written by Nicky Stroud. 

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