Babyologist Review: Hush Vision 3.5 Full Colour Video Baby Monitor with SD recording

I was so excited to be chosen as a #Babyologist and couldn’t wait to receive our first parcel – the Hush Video Baby Monitor. My youngest is almost six months old and has been sleeping in his own room for just over a month after swiftly outgrowing his crib. This crib has been on my side of the bed since we brought him home from hospital and I’d grown so used to him just being there. So easy to just lift my head and peer over the side of the crib when he made a noise, easily being able to see if he was awake or just wriggling in his sleep. More often than not it was the later! I missed this when we moved him into his own room, and using a sound only monitor meant that to check on whether he was awake or not I had to get out of bed and go down the hall to his room. Finding him asleep in his bedroom I’d be heading back to bed more awake than I had been when I got up, and invariably spent a while trying to get back to sleep. Glancing at an image on a screen beside my bed seemed much more efficient.


The monitor looked really smart when I unpacked it. A compact positionable camera unit and a good sized parent unit with a nice big screen with which to see my little boy. The monitor was very simple to set up – the camera connected straight away with the parent unit, and it was easy to adjust the angle with the pan/tilt to get the best view. I set up the time and date on the parent unit, and investigated the other features. We have the choice of lullabies to use to help soothe our baby, as well as the ability to talk to him. There is even an optional “Feed Alert” alarm which can be set up to go off at regular intervals – up to four hours – to remind you to feed your child. It strikes me that you could also use this to remind you to provide medicine if your little one was poorly. The parent unit is rechargeable and features a clip so you can fasten it to yourself as you go about your day, and it can also be stand up should you wish to set it down on a kitchen bench, or your desk.

We have been using this monitor for almost a month now, for both day time naps and for night time sleep. The picture quality is sufficient for our usage and is probably better than most other video monitors I’ve experienced. The weirdest feature from my perspective is the ability to insert a SD card into the parent unit and take photos or record video footage of your baby. They are asleep. Its not really that fascinating, and whilst the picture quality is good, its not something I’d want hanging on my wall! I have also been disappointed in the connection between camera and parent unit. More times than I care to mention I’ve glanced at the screen to be greated by the words “Wait for connecting…”. If you disregard the fact that the statement isn’t even proper English, its not very inspiring that the connection can drop out as often as it does. There is an aerial on the parent unit and we’ve found no difference to the connection whether this is up or down!

Despite these two foibles, I’m generally impressed with the monitor. The build quality is reasonable, its very easy to use, and I like the star nightlight on the top of the camera. The battery life on the parent unit is good and lasts throughout a days usage, and I particularly like the quiet nature of the unit when its running. Monitors that I’ve used typically hum and crackle even when baby is silent. This only makes a noise when he does, which is a definite plus during the night.

I guess the overall question is would I buy it, and if I had bought it, would I keep it? I would probably buy it, yes as its reasonably priced and has a lot of good quality features. Would I keep it? Probably not. The poor connection and constant dropping out would put me off sufficiently to return this to the store I’d purchased it from.

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