Baby Sensory Toys

Designed to aid development and capture your child’s imagination, baby sensory toys are a must-have in your home. Stimulating your baby’s senses is a vital part of neurological growth, enabling your little one to discover a whole new world at their fingertips. From bright colours to captivating sounds, there’s so many sensory toys available to enchant your baby and encourage learning.

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What Are Baby Sensory Toys?

Baby sensory toys are specially made to excite your child’s senses and encourage development. The sooner you start sensory stimulation, the better. This is because your little one relies on their senses to learn and interpret their surroundings. Without proper stimulation, their development will be delayed. It’s important to introduce your baby to a variety of sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes from a young age. From learning games to musical toys and instruments, sensory toys are designed to do just that and provide the foundation for learning other vital skills.

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The Benefits of Baby Sensory Toys

There are a number of benefits to introducing your child to sensory toys from a young age.

1) Invigorating the senses enables children to develop the skills they need to differentiate between stimuli. They will soon learn the difference between rough and smooth, warm and cool, wet and dry, and so on. Of course, they won’t be able to articulate this until they get a little older. Beginning with sensory toys for babies, this sets the wheels in motion for easier learning when they grow up.

2) Sensory toys have a direct impact on your child’s motor skills. For young children, sensory toys help their fine motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination. Babies enjoy reaching for things, particularly bright colours and interesting textures, which is a sign of positive development. Sensory toys encourage this and pave the way for performing small muscle movements when they grow up, like turning the pages of a book.

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3) Baby sensory toys also help children to connect with their own body. They provide the building blocks of self-awareness, as they learn what different parts of their body can do. Children will learn that they can feel textures with their hands and taste different things with their mouth – hence why everything they pick up gets put there! This awareness is the beginning of your child deciphering what they do and do not like, which they will soon be able to communicate to you.

4) Sensory toys allow your child to develop their vocabulary, too. Once they can speak, sensory toys are perfect for teaching your little one how to describe the way objects feel. They can learn what it means for something to be ‘squishy’ or ‘slimy’, for example, and apply this knowledge throughout their development.

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Types of Baby Sensory Toys

There are so many sensory toys for babies and toddlers available to aid their development.

• The great thing about most of them is they can grow with your child, such as the Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Play Gym. The gym can be transformed for different stages of your baby’s life, from lying down to sitting to standing. The lights, sounds and detachable toys help to develop your child’s senses throughout the crucial first year of their life.

• For bedtime, sensory toys are ideal for helping your child drift off. A Slumber Buddy can create the perfect, tranquil environment with peaceful sounds and calming lights. You can choose one your little one will love, from the Slumber Buddy Bee to the Slumber Buddy Frog, with options to suit girls and boys alike.

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• Sensory toys are great for combining fun and learning together to provide the best experience for your child. The VTech 3 In 1 Zebra Scooter for toddlers teaches your little one colours, animals and habitats through words and flashing lights, while they ride the scooter. The VTech Toot Toot Drivers Garage is perfect for imaginative play, with tons of sound effects to introduce kids to numbers and music. The toy also helps to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination, which is a vital skill. The Fisher-Price Sort N Learn Lunchbox is ideal for younger children, as it introduces them to problem solving through songs and phrases. The compact lunchbox teaches your baby letters, colours, shapes and much more.

With so many options to choose from and a host of benefits from a young age, give sensory toys a try and watch your little one develop before your eyes!

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