Baby Chou Chou Monitor Doll Review

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I’ll start by saying that our three-year old toddler is not your typical girly girl. She is more comfortable playing with diggers than dolls and for that reason I was somewhat skeptical about reviewing a baby doll. But when the box arrived from Toys R Us, we were pleasantly surprised as Toddlers enthusiasm. We were not so enthusiastic about the Sudocrem incident whereby Toddler smeared cream all over baby Chou Chou, but a quick wipe clean and all was well. (unfortunately our carpet was not!).

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Baby Chou Chou is a cute looking baby doll with plastic arms and legs and a soft squishy body. She comes with an electronic baby monitor that tells you when baby is hungry, tired or wanting to play. We found the baby monitor to be quite ineffective and it didn’t always pick up babies mood. We sometimes struggled to stop baby crying and she often made an unusual whiny sound. After a while, we switched off baby Chou Chou and Toddler seemed happier without the (slightly annoying) sound effects. The monitor has since made its way to the bottom of the toy box after a brief stint being used as a mobile phone and in our opinion its better without it.

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Aside from the technical glitch with the monitor the doll itself appears to be well made and a good size for a three-year old to play with. Toddler has played with Chou Chou more than we expected and its’ nice to see her lovingly care for her baby whom has since been renamed Milly. Chou Chou (Milly) does have slightly podgy arms and unusually large hands for a baby – sort of like a boxer but Toddler doesn’t seem to mind. We all agree that Chou Chou (Milly) is a lovely doll and a good buy.  Priced at £29.99 it’s reasonably good value for money given the quality of the doll, though the technology needs work!

Baby Chou Chou is available from Toys R Us both in store and online.

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