Baby Born Star Review

My name is Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy and this is our first review from our second Toyologist box. Today we’re reviewing the BABY born Interactive Limited Edition Baby Born Star. This toy is available to buy on the Toys R Us website and you can find the price details there.

What is BABY born? BABY born is a cute baby doll and Miss C already has a BABY born baby that she got from Santa last year, so she was delighted to find a new BABY born in our toyologist box. BABY born can be fed, clothed, put to bed and she can pee! Baby Born Star is the new addition to the BABY born range and can be bought with various interactive toys that respond to her. BABY born dolls are completely poseable. BABY born is suitable for ages 3 and over, which is about right as there are some small pieces that an under 3 could choke on.

What comes in the Baby Born Star box? Inside the box you get your BABY born doll, a potty, a nappy, a dummy, a feeding spoon and bowl, special doll food, a little necklace and your babies birth certificate which I thought was a credit card at first. Baby Born Star wears a funky black and white sparkly outfit, some black patent shoes, a little bracelet and a nappy. Everything is well packaged inside the box which makes it a task to get everything out. I don’t like toys with a lot of packaging as I struggle for space in the bin at the best of times! Miss C couldn’t wait to get her out the box and I was excited to see the difference between Baby Born Star and the BABY born Miss C already has.

How does Baby Born Star work? Baby Born Star can be played with as any regular baby doll toy would be. You can dress her, push her in a buggy, cuddle her, carry her and put her to bed with her dummy. Baby Born Star can also go to the potty and cry real tears! You simply fill her baby bottle up with some water, feed it to her and then press her belly button to make her pee on the potty or squeeze her arm to make her cry. You can use her special doll food to feed her which is a white powder substance that you mix with water. Miss C enjoyed feeding her the baby food but I didn’t really see the point to it. It didn’t mix very well and it didn’t change the colour of the water to make it look more like baby food.

Any drawbacks to Baby Born Star? The cleaning of Baby Born Star is quite meticulous because of the tube system inside the doll. This is obviously so mould doesn’t grow inside the doll if any water remains inside her, so I’d be aware of that when buying this doll.

How does Baby Born Star compare to our other BABY born doll? I didn’t notice a difference between the 2 dolls except Baby Born Star’s face is a bit smaller. The great change with Baby Born Star is the pressing of her belly button to make her pee whereas the BABY born we have had to have her head squeezed to make her pee…a bit scary really! The one thing I didn’t like about Baby Born Star was as soon as you lie her back, her eyes close, which sadly isn’t realistic with babies! Our BABY born closes her eyes as soon as her dummy goes in her mouth which I thought was a great idea and wish Baby Born Star would do this too.

Would I recommend Baby Born Star to a friend? Yes I definitely would. You can buy lots of accessories and clothes for BABY born and I love the rock princess theme to Baby Born Star. Personally, I think BABY born is the cutest baby doll available to buy and Miss C loves her too.

We give Baby Born Star a big 9.5/10

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