Baby Born Interactive Cabriolet Review

I’m Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy and this is our third review from our third toyologist box. Today we’re reviewing the BABY born Interactive Cabriolet which is available to buy from Toys R Us and details of the price can be checked there too.

What is BABY born Interactive Car? Not content with just a scooter, BABY born can also travel in her new convertible. The car interacts with the BABY born Star doll and she can drive around looking super cool. This is suitable for ages 3+ and comes with 3 AA batteries. You also get 2 packs of stickers to decorate your car.

How does it work? The car can move by your child pushing it or pulling it along by the pink string at the front of the car. The steering wheel moves and the boot of the car opens and comes off if you need an extra seat for a small friend. The lights on the front and back light up and the horn sounds too. You can push the gear stick on the side of the wheel to hear engine noises. The cabriolet also interacts with BABY born Star doll whenever she stands infront of the car. It will beep its horn, play music and the lights flash.
Miss C loved pulling her BABY born Star around the house. When BABY born sits in the car, the car revs so it sounds like it is driving and changing gear. She also sat her original BABY born inside the car and it made the noises too however, the original BABY born does not activate the “out of car” interactive features.
The cabriolet is quite big and seems well made. BABY born fits really easily into the car and doesn’t move about when the car moves. The boot opens so you can stores things inside however, the doors don’t open.

Any drawbacks to the cabriolet? This is a great toy, we couldn’t find anything we didn’t like about it. The volume could do with being a bit louder as you can hardly hear the music, horn or engines noises. The speaker is underneath the car. It may have been louder if it was located inside the boot or in the footwell of the car.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes I would. It is a well made, fun toy and I felt the price was right for the toy. Miss C had been asking for the car for her BABY born so she was delighted to receive this from Geoffrey!

We give this a big 9.5/10 – the volume could do with being that little bit louder – probably the only time I’ll say this about a toy!

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