Avengers Quinjet Vehicle Playset

I’m Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy and this is our eighth review from our third toyologist box. Today we’re reviewing the Avengers Quinjet which is available to buy from Toys R Us and where details of the price can be checked.


What is the Avengers Quinjet? This a plane that Ironman can pilot from the cockpit or fly alongside the Quinjet in a flight clip attached to the side. It can convert from flying machine to attack machine by launching missiles from on top of the Quinjet, just behind the cockpit. You can launch two missiles. It also has three wheels so you can push it along the ground as a vehicle. This is suitable for ages 4+ – no batteries required for the launcher to work.

What do you get with the Avengers Quinjet? Included is one figure which is Ironman. I know you can buy other Avengers characters but I’m not sure whether these would fit in the cockpit as the Ironman included is less than 10cms tall.

How did it fair? Wee Z loves the Quinjet. He is starting to take an interest in super heroes and the movies so he was really excited to see Ironman included with the Quinjet and had him piloting the Quinjet around the room in no time.
It was very straight forward to set up. You pull back a cover which conceals the missile launcher and there is a button to push to set them off. They shoot quite easily and quite far and, although made of plastic, are soft enough not to hurt should they hit you.
The cockpit door opens easily and Ironman fits inside well. Ironman also slides into the flight clip on the side of the Quinjet easily and stays there quite securely.


Any drawbacks to the Avengers Quinjet? It can be a bit flimsy to secure the missile launcher back in place once you have taken it out. Otherwise, the toy seems well made. I think it would have been good to have an additional character along with Ironman: one to fly the Quinjet and another to cruise along in the flight clip.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes I would. I think this would be an excellent toy for a true Avengers fan or Ironman fan. Price wise it seems in-line with other similar vehicle toys out there. Wee Z loves the Quinjet and has already asked for some more Avengers toys from Santa.

We give this 9/10

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