Autism Awareness Event

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We are holding an autism friendly exclusive ‘experience’ event for families affected by autism and additional needs and offering families a calm environment for their child.

This event, being held in the morning of Sunday 29th March, will be a browsing event for families allowing them to visit their local store offering a relaxed environment to enjoy the experience of shopping with their children. The event, planned in conjunction with the National Autistic Society (NAS) will allow families to browse the latest selection of toys and games in a subdued environment as recommended by the charity and other local groups across the country.

Reduced fluorescent lighting, no loud music or tannoy announcements and autism friendly signage are just some of the initiatives Toys“R”Us will be carrying out to ensure a more calming influence in store.

Most stores will be open at 9am but please contact your local store for more information and to check the dedicated times of the event. Please note that the tills will not be open until trading laws allow so please check with your store when planning your visit.

Due to Sunday Trading legislation, Toys“R”Us are unable to perform any sales transactions, process any Direct purchases or complete any Returns until the official store opening time at 10am (Scotland), 11am (England & Wales) or 1pm (Northern Ireland).
Any parents, who wish to return later that morning to pay for shopping, will be offered this opportunity.

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